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Love Coffee? You Should Probably Be Drinking Even More

Self-proclaimed caffeine addicts will be glad to hear the results of this new study.

Beware of the Unpaid TSA Agent

The Obama administration's latest DHS shutdown warning focuses on the federal workers who won't get their paychecks.

Moving Beyond the PDF Era: 3 Reasons to Embrace Financial Transparency

President Barack Obama's 2016 budget request reflected the values of data-driven government.

President Obama speaks at DHS headquarters on the day he released his fiscal 2016 budget. The president has warned of the damage a partial shutdown would do to security.

The Homeland Security Department Is Starting Shutdown Prep

More than 85 percent of the department’s employees would have to report to work without pay, based on 2013 plans.

Health and Human Services Messed Up 800,000 Obamacare Tax Forms

Taxpayers received incorrect information about their subsidies.

What Really Grinds Federal IT Managers’ Gears? Try the Hiring Process

The CIO Council has just wrapped up a survey of the IT workforce about its frustrations with the federal hiring process.

New BBG chief executive Andrew Lack.

Broadcasting Board’s New CEO: 'I Didn't Come Here to Cut'

Andrew Lack tells troubled staff he is aiming for growth.

A fire hydrant sits cleared from surrounding snow in downtown Boston.

It Takes 8,700 Volunteers to Measure American Snowfall

Since 1890, the National Weather Service has relied on a network of volunteer observers.

Why Good Managers Sometimes Make Bad Crisis Leaders

Standard problem-solving is better left to day-to-day operations.

IRS Paid Identity Thieves $5.8 Billion in 2013, Blames Budget Cuts

Smaller budgets have prevented the agency from properly preventing identity thieves from collecting fraudulent tax returns.