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Navy Cmdr. James Lawler trains a team that would deploy in the event of a U.S. Ebola crisis on how to use personal protective equipment.

Ebola Discussion Moves to How to Prevent the Next Epidemic

Global leaders will need to build a network that can detect and contain outbreaks before they kill thousands.

Court: NSA Spying May Continue Even If Congress Lets Authority Expire

The Obama administration could continue collecting American phone records absent lawmaker approval.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has said it's not states' job to salvage Obamacare's subsidies if the Supreme Court invalidates them.

GOP Voters Back Obamacare Fix. GOP Governors, Not So Much.

A poll finds widespread support for restoring the Affordable Care Act's insurance subsidies if the Supreme Court invalidates them.

Government That Works: Making It Safe to Report Bad Results

The failure to meet targets is a golden opportunity.

Influence: The Ultimate Power Tool

Six ways to persuade others toward a common goal.

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., led Senate Republicans in releasing their budget blueprint.

Senate Republicans Go After Federal Retirement Benefits, Too

Chamber’s budget blueprint calls for $170 billion in savings through the federal workforce to make government employment resemble the private sector.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testifying at a Senate Finance Committee hearing in February.

IRS Won’t Have to Furlough Employees After All, Commissioner Says

Koskinen tells appropriators a budget hike is needed to preserve taxpayer compliance.

Agencies Will Cut 100 Million Hours of Paperwork, White House Says

Effort to curb burdensome or outdated regulations may not satisfy GOP critics.

Learning From Mistakes Can Catapult Your Career

Six ways to diagnose the problem and fix it for good.

What is a Stakeholder? 6 Things You Should Know

The goal is not to make everyone happy, but to succeed.