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CNN poll: No clear vice presidential debate winner

Biden and Ryan were essentially evenly matched, voters say.

Biden offers most vigorous defense of Obama stimulus so far

The vice president makes Ryan admit he sought funds for constituents.

The Navy’s Savvy Negotiator

Elliott Branch keeps watch over the vast, complex, $90-billion-a-year procurement operation for the Navy and Marines.

Body Language: Watching the Debate on Mute

I watched the Vice Presidential Debate with sound off--here's what I saw.

Obama expands whistleblower protections to cover intelligence agencies

Directive urges security employees to report waste, fraud and abuse.

It's Easy to Pretend Government Doesn't Matter

Author Gautam Mukunda says critics of government employees don't realize how good they have it.

Homeland Security IG disputes charge of wasteful spending

Says research group inaccurately described $700,000 used for year-end awards.

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Brain Damage?

New research indicates lack of sleep can cause two things: Euphoria and brain damage.

Being 'Busy' Is a Lame Excuse

Saying you're "busy" is just an excuse to not address the decisions you're making.

Cartoon Bears Take on Big Soda

A clever new video shows the brutal consequences of soda consumption.