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Inaugural Capitol coordinator Matt McGowan, left, directs Air Force Staff Sgt. Serpico Elliott and Army Spc. Delandra Rollins as they stand in for President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama during an inauguration rehearsal Sunday.

Photos: Inaugural Committee Holds Dress Rehearsal with Fake Obamas

Stand-ins take center stage at run through of inauguration.

Republican presidential candidate former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman finishes speaking during a campaign stop Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, in North Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

'No Labels' Adds Washington Muscle to Reform Washington

Centrist and squishy no more? Grassroots advocacy group shifts focus in bid to fix political system.

A painter works on the presidential viewing stand outside the White House in preparation for the inauguration.

Obama's inauguration might have trouble paying its bills

Report says Obama is $10 million short of $50 million goal.

HHS responds slowly to GOP demands for Obamacare documents

House and Senate panels seek background on spending for P.R. and contractors.

White House Crushes Death Star Petition, Nerd Dreams Everywhere

Citing costs, vulnerabilities, and existing space programs, the administration says it will not construct an enormous weaponized space station.

Boeing announces layoffs at Texas facility

Company cites general downward trend in defense budget as primary cause.

The Blog Commenter Who Invented the Trillion-Dollar Coin

No, the idea didn't come from an economist. It came from a lawyer in Georgia.

Trade shows like the ESRI convention draw thousands of visitors.

Poll: Feds expect to attend fewer events this year

Tight budgets force government employees to anticipate fewer training and trade show opportunities.

New Medal of Honor Recipient Fought in 'Black Hawk Down' of Afghanistan

The highest honor awarded by the U.S. military will go to Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha.

Video: Watch NASA's Stunning New Video of Lunar Surface

One of NASA's GRAIL probes took this beautiful footage of the Moon last month.