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The Steve Jobs Emails That Show How to Win a Hard-Nosed Negotiation

The emails provide an extraordinary view of a high-stakes battle between two leaders.

Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for Public Opinion to Turn Against Obama

The president has a base of loyalists that won't quit and, at least for now, there's no evidence he was involved in any scandals.

Obama to Nominate Katherine Archuleta as OPM Director

Former campaign official has served in Labor, Energy and Transportation departments.

Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Yes, Power Corrupts, But Power Also Reveals

Power may simply help reveal our true colors.

Wait Two Months, Then Check Obama's Approval Rating

Reagan, Nixon ratings fell 2 months after Iran-Contra and Watergate. Clinton was different.

The Inspiring Future (and Present) of Government Innovation

There's lots of innovation underway in different places around government.

How the Heck Do You Keep on Mission When the Mission is Always Changing?

How to maintain mission priorities in spite of Washington's ever-changing goals.

Obama Asks Acting GSA Chief to Stay On Permanently

Dan Tangherlini has presided over reforms since Las Vegas conference spending scandal.