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Unless You Live in Europe, You Are More Likely to Be Hired Than Fired in the Fourth Quarter

A new survey shows companies all across the globe are looking to boost jobs.

You Won’t Get a Trophy, But Go Ahead—Fail

Growing up with excessive praise can make real success look scary. But it's time to get started.

5 Reasons More Communication Isn’t Better

Just because you’re connected doesn’t mean you’re connecting.

Agents prepare money seized in a drug bust.

Cousin of NSA Surveillance Program Draws Broad Privacy Concerns

DEA alliance with AT&T to chase drug dealers raises eyebrows with civil libertarians.

Michelangelo -- sculptor of the famed David -- is cited a creative genius left-hander.

Dispelling the Myth of the Left-Handed Genius

The right brain/creative and left brain/rational distinctions are really not so simple.

OMB Expands Guidance on Curbing Abuse of Charge Cards

Memo helps agencies comply with requirements in a 2012 law.

USDA Pork Inspection Program Misses Contaminated Meat

Three of the five hog plants enrolled were among the nation's top 10 worst offenders in terms of health and safety violations.

Instead of Monitoring Employees, Try Motivating Them

The best way to guard against workplace theft is to make it less tempting.

Is Your Team Up to the Task?

Sometimes more can be accomplished in groups than alone, but only with the right formula.

Federal Workforce Levels Off After Gradual Decline

Uncle Sam did not add or lose jobs between July and August, according to the latest government statistics.