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What a Marco Rubio Presidency Would Mean for the Federal Workforce

The Florida Republican would likely not lead an administration favorable toward federal employees.

Joe Biden Calls Coal 'A Way Of Life'

The Vice President fondly recalls his childhood in a Pennsylvania mining community.

What Are You More Likely to Remember?

It’s too easy to just put your head down and your foot on the gas when there’s so much to do.

NOAA employees install a tide gauge near Castle Cape, Alaska. NOAA was rated as the most responsive scientific agency.

Poll: Science Agencies 'Stonewalling' Reporters

NOAA shown most open to allowing scientists to give interviews.

The Evolution of Your Professional Self on Social Media

Don't think of it as a liability, but an asset.

Hillary Clinton announced her campaign for president in a video message April 12.

What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Mean for the Federal Workforce

The former secretary of State has a history with feds that predates her leadership of the diplomatic service.

Clinton speaks at 2012 G8 event.

10 Questions About the Hillary Clinton Campaign

With the Democratic frontrunner due to finally announce her candidacy on Sunday, a few ways to think about her second try at the White House

IRS chief John Koskinen said cracks are starting to show.

New Numbers Show Decline in IRS' Phone Service

Taxpayer advocate and commissioner fear impact on citizen compliance.

Thousands participate in a march in 2006.

Hispanics Voice Overwhelming Support for Obama's Actions on Immigration

A poll finds that a majority of all Americans, and 78 percent of Hispanics, approve of his executive order.

Like a chameleon, Lincoln Chafee has changed his political colors a few times.

Why a Political Chameleon Thinks He Can Beat Hillary Clinton in 2016

Rhode Island's Lincoln Chafee’s pitch is that all politics are local.