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Mitt Romney Says 'No Question' He'd Make a Better President Than Hillary Clinton

He may not be running for president again in 2016, but one thing's for sure: He knows he'd make a better president than Hillary Clinton.

White House Sends Spending Wish List to Congress

List includes more money for an experimental Ebola drug and more flexibility for handling the border crisis.

Majority Leader Harry Reid has said Sept. 23 will be the Senate's last day before the election.

Congress Is Back. Its Mission? Keep Government Open.

Lawmakers and aides say not to expect drama this time around.

The New Books to Read This Fall

14 new titles about success, meaning and happiness in work and life.

Federal Hiring Continues Slow Upward Climb

After years of shedding jobs, federal government has not seen a net workforce loss in five months.

Obama Takes Aim at ISIL, Russia in Fiery NATO Farewell

President Obama reiterated the alliance's support for Ukraine and hatred of ISIL.

Navigating the Tricky Transition From Peer to Manager

Early conversations with other managers and your employees might surprise you.

Is It Worth Creating a Pay Scale for Federal Cyber Pros?

Federal auditors think so, but the Office of Personnel Management says the field is still evolving.

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., released the new report.

Senate Panel Faults 'Bias' of IRS Watchdog

Both liberal and conservative groups were mistreated by tax-exempt division, Levin says.

Look for Next CTO to 'Execute, Execute, Execute,' Not Come Up With New Concepts

Aneesh Chopra discusses the role of government’s top technology expert.