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George W. Bush Hopes New Library Will Enhance Presidential Legacy

Exhibits include two tons of twisted World Trade Center steel.

6 Ways You Can Develop Your Team Even on a Shoestring Budget

Just because your budget has been cut doesn't mean your team should cease to grow.

Analysis: For How Long Can Feds ‘Do More With Less’?

As employee engagement rates decline, the cost-cutting mantra may not be helping anything.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Pentagon Scales Back Furloughs, Calls for Additional Flexibility

Spending deal fixed some but not all the department's sequestration problems, Hagel says.

Sen Jeanne Shaheen D-N.H.

Senate Backs Amendment to Boost IGs' Power

Provision would increase personnel, training and authority for inspectors general across government.

GSA Releases Draft Solicitation for Massive Professional Services Contract Vehicle

Agencies could purchase a range of services through the proposed OASIS system.

Treasury Department building in Washington, DC

There’s Nothing to Fear But the Debt Itself

Federal interest payments are projected to grow faster over the next decade than any other broad category of expenditures.

Government Employees Get No Respect?

Tell us whether you think you get the recognition you deserve.

Senior Execs’ Finances Should Not Go Online, Panel Says

Report recommends indefinitely suspending STOCK Act disclosure requirement for top civil servants.