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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened South Korea and the United States recently with war.

North Korea Situation Said to Require Careful Diplomacy

Regional experts say U.S. needs to move beyond show of military might.

Help Wanted Assessing Costs and Benefits of Five-Day Mail Delivery

USPS oversight agency seeks contractors to assist with research.

In Focus: Where the Federal Workforce Counts

A look at where localities are likely to be hit hardest by sequestration and furloughs.

3 Reasons Federal Managers Need to Understand Identity Management

Here's why having a robust understanding of identity management is important for federal managers.

Brian Deese is currently deputy director of the White House National Economic Council

Obama Picks Veteran of Economic Team for No. 2 Spot at OMB

National Economic Council deputy will face Senate confirmation vote.

President Ronald Reagan talks with Treasury Secretary Donald Regan, left, while office of Management and Budget Director David Stockman looks on in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, Jan. 28, 1985.

'We're Going to Have a Crisis': David Stockman's Stark Warning for America

The onetime Reagan budget chief has gone from supply-side guru to prophet of doom -- and his new book predicts stormy times ahead for the U.S.

How to Beat Information Overload and Get Things Done

Two steps to overcome distraction and get focused on what you really want to achieve.

Consider the Stress You Cause Employees Before Changing Everything

The best change management strategies consider how employees will respond.

3 Simple Reasons Your Team Never Gets Anything Done

Guarantee nothing ever gets done by not asking these three questions.

The Present, and Future, of Social Media in Government

Justin Herman joins us on the Excellence in Government Podcast to discuss the power of social government.