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What Your Agency May Look Like in 2020

Will bulky buildings be a thing of the past?

John Boehner looks over the shoulder of then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich at a 1998 press conference.

Would a Government Shutdown Really Be All That Bad for Republicans? Yes

Conservatives now argue that the political consequences of stopping funding have been overstated. Survivors of the last major closure beg to differ.

Analysis: The Sequester Is a Disaster, and Congress's Next Move May Be Worse

From national parks to medical research, cuts are undermining what makes America great. Yet Republicans seem set on shutting down the government or even default.

White House Reminded of Pledge to Find a Presidential Rank Award Alternative

Senior execs group suggests inexpensive ways the administration could honor star performers.

4 Things Every Government Communicator Should Know

The strategies you need in your digital toolset.

Patrick Kennedy, the State Department’s undersecretary for management

State Department Holds Its Own at Benghazi Hearing

Kennedy defends accountability steps, thanks Congress for new embassy security funds.

Obama Initiates Security Clearance Review After Navy Yard Shooting

Lawmakers, Pentagon also look into security procedures at military installations.

What You Can Learn from Public/Private Partnerships

3 lessons from what powerful partnerships can create.

3 Leadership Lessons from Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston

The long road to success walked by the man who plays TV's Walter White.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell late Tuesday instructed agency heads to update their contingency plans in a memo.

OMB Puts Agencies on Stand-By for Possible Shutdown

Budget director says 'there’s still enough to time' to prevent lapse in appropriations.