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Leadership Spotlight: Purnita Howlader, Presidential Management Fellow

A look at the work of a young Presidential Management Fellow working with DHS and FEMA.

Teams of experts game out strategic defense budget cuts

Think tank’s exercise finds willingness to risk short-term readiness.

“As he seeks to replace Cabinet officers, I would urge him to seek people with managerial experience in [running] large, complex organizations,” Elaine Kamarck said Wednesday.

Mr. President: Look inside agencies for leaders

Obama should tap talented agency personnel with management know-how in second term, say two former government officials.

President-elect Barack Obama meets with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Monday, Nov. 17, 2008, at Obama'stransition office in downtown Chicago. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

A Visual History of Presidents Awkwardly Meeting the Losers They Defeated

A photo archive of past presidential contenders giving away exactly how they feel while meeting "the other guy."

A large plume of smoke rises from fires on BP's Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig.

EPA temporarily suspends BP from federal contracts

Cites ‘lack of business integrity.’

Are Your Facebook Friends Stressing You Out? (Yes.)

Facebook's expectations about users' social lives can be very different from users' own.

Obama, Romney to meet Thursday at the White House

President has said he's interested in his former opponent's ideas on government reform.

3 Reasons to Turn Your Phone's Push Email Off Right Now

Turn off push email to save your sanity…and your battery.

Elouise Cobell, right, looks on as Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Hayes testifies during a Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing in Washington, D.C. in Dec. 2009.

Interior to start disbursing checks to American Indians

Settlement in Cobell v. Salazar class action lawsuit is final.

Performance Measurement: 3 Challenges Every Government Faces

When it comes to measuring performance, there are several challenges common to all governments around the world.