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Why the IRS Scandals Make It Hard to Fix the IRS

Wonks are investigating alleged wrongdoing rather than devising new policy.

Analysis: Slashing Government Jobs Hurts the Unemployment Rate

Over the past three months, the federal government has shed 45,000 jobs.

Detroit, Michigan

Why the Federal Government Is Demolishing Michigan's Empty Buildings

Treasury releases $100 million in TARP money to pay for a pilot demolition program.

When to Tell a Leader What They Need to Hear, Not What They Want to Hear

Three considerations that will help you speak truth to power.

Some Fear Fed Charity Drive Reforms Will Hurt Giving

Fees and consolidation could scare off charities, they say.

In 2011, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., issued a report critiquing NSF’s “pricey” rent.

National Science Foundation Bound for Alexandria

GSA announces new lease that saves taxpayers $65 million over 15 years.

Pentagon Still Doesn’t Have a Grasp on Improper Payments, Auditors Find

Estimate of $1.1 billion 'not statistically valid,' says GAO.

A Brief History of the US Government’s Awful Graphic Design

For as much as feds use PowerPoint, we're pretty bad at it.

Commentary: President Obama Doesn't Welcome Debate, He Actively Thwarts It

When the White House says it values debate on balancing civil liberties and national security, it's being disingenuous.