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Sen. Thomas Carper, D-Del

Privacy concerns complicate efforts to end 'death fraud'

Lawmakers and agency officials tackle the issue of reducing mistaken payments to the recently deceased.

POGO site monitoring inspector general vacancies

The group also is tracking who is in charge of nominating an IG.

Analysis: Government's Moneyball Moment

With data and analytics, agencies can put together winning programs on a shoestring.

Washington area agencies on unscheduled leave status

As snow approached Wednesday, OPM said agencies would remain open.

Romney runs into speed bump named Santorum

Conservative challenger upends front-runner in contests in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota.

An 'A' for Austerity

Driven leaders can make government work better, even when budgets are tight.

House passes bill to create BRAC-like federal property board

White House prefers its own version; homelessness groups object.

Keeping employees could be tougher than attracting them, officials say

Retention and branding are major human capital challenges, VA and Education CHCOs say.

NOAA grapples with uncertainty over Obama reorganization plan

Proposed move from Commerce to Interior adds to concern about budget cuts.

GSA to Trump: You're hired

Real estate magnate is selected to redevelop Old Post Office building in downtown Washington.