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Analysis: America's greatest economic weakness was its government in 2012

The dysfunction of our political system is now sapping confidence from businesses and families. It may be the single biggest hurdle standing in the way of our prosperity.

Hillary Clinton hospitalized with blood clot

The secretary of State will remain in the hospital for 48 hours.

Sequestration, once unimaginable, draws near

Deal pending in Congress’s final hours would not prevent across-the-board cuts.

Obama 'modestly optimistic' on fiscal cliff deal

Senate leaders to work together to try to forge last-minute compromise.

Employees, unions get further details on furloughs

Process would not unfold immediately on Jan. 2, and would not be the same across all agencies.

Analysis: Reading tea leaves of political appointments not yet made

Is the White House side-stepping the Senate confirmation process?

USPS must pay for retirees now or later, GAO says

Agency faces stark choices in balancing short-term needs and long-term obligations.

New committee will review federal travel policies

First item on the agenda? Per-diem rates.

Obama orders end to pay freeze in spring

Move would end two-year prohibition on across-the-board increases.