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The Performance Opportunity in the Budget Crisis

OPM and OMB leaders see their chance to set priorities.

A firefighter watches a wildfire northeast of Castaic, Calif., in May.

Bill Would Help Federal Firefighters Get Career Jobs

Western Democrats back measure to permanently hire seasonal firefighters.

Half the United States’ Most Skilled Workers Don’t Have a Bachelor’s Degree

Think you need a college degree to be a skilled worker? Think again.

Edward Snowden and the Magical World of Security Clearances

Washington runs on security clearances, with more than 4.2 million people holding them by 2011.

6 in 10 Americans Don't See Anything Wrong With Mass Government Surveillance

Young people are least likely to follow the surveillance news but most likely to value privacy.

Forget What Government Should Do—What Can It Do?

The trick isn't to figure out how to do everything Washington does better. It's to figure what Washington role should be in the first place.

SEC Drops Retaliation Suit with $580K Payment to Whistleblower

Case had publicized misconduct allegations against former SEC inspector general.

3 Reasons to Consider Dialing It Back a Bit

You don't always have to be dialed to 11.

Well-Managed Agencies Turn Tough Times Into Opportunities

Lessons on how to succeed amid budget cuts and attacks on the federal workforce.

What Happened to Eric Holder?

He was a Reagan-appointed judge and a Clinton-appointed prosecutor respected by both sides. Then it all fell apart.