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Agencies Are Supposed to Avoid Furloughs

The law provides at least limited flexibility to cut elsewhere, even under a sequester.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

Freeze Federal Hiring So Critical Feds Don’t Need to Be Furloughed, Lawmaker Says

Sen. Coburn also demands documents on grant-promoting expenses.

5 Reasons to Emphasize Career Development During Sequestration

When times are tough career development is more important than ever.

How Street Signs Are Made

22 people are responsible for all of New York’s 2 million signs.

Michelle Obama's Oscars Moment Was Pretty Controversial, Actually

First Lady's surprise Oscar appearance earns criticism and praise.

Coming to A State Near You: Big Spending Cuts

White House offers up state-by-state details on the effects of sequestration.

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon Show Off 'Evolution of Mom Dancing'

FLOTUS teams with late night host for epic "mom dancing."

The 4 Times You Should Say Exactly What You Think

How you know you're ready to tell people what you really think.

Ask EIG: How Do You Create a Culture That Values Diversity?

A look at the difference between “buy-in” and “bee-in."

President Obama Sends Kid President Message, Kid President Freaks Out

Kid President gets a message from President Obama about the White House Easter Egg Roll.