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House Backs Bill to Cut VA Bonuses

Democrat-sponsored legislation would cap performance award budget at $345 million annually.

Go Ahead, Be Cynical: The Positive Power of Negative Thinking

Study shows positive thinkers don't outperform pessimists.

Obama Twitter Account, Campaign Group's Emails Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Pro-regime hackers say the U.S. president's terrorism capabilities 'are quite high.'

How to Not Get Fired

3 ways to save yourself--and your team.

Former NSA Chief Trashes Obama Administration During Amtrak Ride

Michael Hayden was giving off-the-record interviews by phone while a former MoveOn staffer eavesdropped on train.

John Kerry: Foreign Leaders Mocked Us Over the Shutdown

Foreign officials joked about buying Kerry meals.

Contractors Say Shutdown Forced Them to Reprioritize

Many companies received stop-work orders that might have been unnecessary.

The White House's Original Sin: A Failure of Effective Management

The debacle shows the administration doesn't know how to run the executive branch.

3 Levers to Pull for Smoother Budgeting

What can we learn from the budget brawls of late?