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Leadership Spotlight: Cindy Orellana, NIST

A look at the work of a young Presidential Management Fellow working with DHS and FEMA.

The final election receipts exceeded $2 billion

The Romney campaign had a surge of $86 million raised between October 18 and November 26.

The time has come to allow catnaps on the job. (Image via MaxyM/

It’s Time to Let Government Workers Sleep on the Job

With the benefits of napping becoming increasingly clear, it's time to let public sector employees rejuvenate the way nature intended them to.

Office of Federal Procurement Policy Administrator Joe Jordan

OMB touts 'historic' $20 billion in contracting savings

Procurement officials push governmentwide purchasing.

Analysis: Americans Need to Re-embrace Sacrifice

One thing is clear: Whatever steps are necessary to restore the economy will require money and pain.

Undersecretary of the Navy Bob Work, left; Undersecretary of the Air Force Jamie Morin, right

Budget cuts should not come at expense of civilian workforce, Pentagon officials say

Downsizing would be 'very, very detrimental,' panelist warns.

Congress again delays STOCK ACT for senior execs

The public financial disclosure requirement for thousands of high-ranking career employees is postponed until April 15, 2013.

3D Printing and the Rise of Products as Service

Now is the time for governments to get involved in the Maker community to enable an entirely new marketplace to emerge: Products as a Service.

Alan Simpson Talks Fiscal Cliff on The Daily Show

The former U.S. Senator drops in for a lively discussion on the national debt.