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Obama drops in on a cabinet meeting in April.

What Obama's second-term Cabinet might look like

If history is a guide, big changes are likely in the works.

Federal employee groups laud Obama victory, seek to end pay freeze

Leaders say elections show Americans reject negative view of government and its employees.

The new Congress: Nine things to know

Congress is still the same bundle of dysfunction and dyspepsia that it was on Tuesday.

Obama wins victory, but mandate is a different story

In a capital as polarized as Washington, even a landslide victory and detailed campaign platform wouldn’t secure a president’s agenda.

Obama wins reelection: how he did it

He made the election a pass-fail test on Romney’s character.

Treasury Secretary gears up for fiscal cliff showdown

Timothy Geithner will be heavily involved during the lame-duck session in providing technical economic-policy advice within the administration.

Obama’s victory gives management reformers breathing room

Second term could bring pay thaw, defense drawdown, reorganization and solidified performance goals.

See Facebook's Map of Election Day Voting in Real-Time

The social network's map shows where self-identified voters are casting ballots.

Post-Election Blues: How to Recover from Electoral Insanity

Your first step toward getting past the negative energies of election season is a reality check.

Exercising Leadership: A Re-elected Obama’s Mental & Emotional Fitness

Four tools from President Obama to improve your mindset and allow you to lead at your best.