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How the Dollar Went From a Simple Banknote to the World's Currency

For starters, it never hurts to be backed by nearly all the world's gold.

"Salida" means "exit" in Spanish.

Bilinguals Have Stronger, Faster Brains Than The Rest of Us

The building of stronger connections over time between regions of the brain implies that bilingual brains are “more resistant to damage.”

Obama Reportedly Set to Act on Immigration

Executive action, strongly opposed by the GOP, would help as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants.

Protestors rally against the Keystone XL project in Washington in February 2013.

White House Hints at Keystone Veto

Obama spokesman notes administration has taken a "dim view" of past Keystone bills.

President’s Data Boosters Push Management Agenda

OMB and GSA officials seek a legacy of evidence-based performance.

Should Political Sex Scandals Be News?

A new book about Gary Hart and an uncensored letter from the FBI to Martin Luther King Jr. reopen the debate on the line between the private and the political.

7 Things Leaders Can Learn from Bill Clinton About Connecting With People

Relating on a personal level is a quick way to earn trust and respect.

Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., plans to introduce the bill.

Misbehaving VA Execs Could Lose Some of Their Pension Benefits

Bill would give the secretary power to strip a portion of an employee’s retirement benefits on account of wrongdoing or poor performance.

The Complete Guide to Networking For Introverts

It's important to carefully manage interactions and play to their strengths

Congress, White House Unite to Kill Useless Reports

Lawmakers of all stripes laud passage of bill striking 53 "unnecessary" agency products.