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Mindful Mondays: Be More Gentle with Your Self Talk

You’ll get better results if you treat yourself better in your self-talk.

Cyclists compete in the 2013 Tour de France in July.

How to Run an Effective Staff Like a Tour de France Team

Australia's Orica GreenEdge team has an effective way to manage strategy and operations.

 Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. , was an early favorite to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

When Blocking Nominees Comes Back to Haunt Politicians

Some nominees thwarted by the Senate end up getting elected to the body that rejected them.

Most Defense Civilians Begin Forced 3-Day Furlough Weekends

Unpaid leave must be taken on Mondays or Fridays at most DoD agencies.

The White House Is Copy and Pasting Its Way Through the Jobs Recovery

Official statements have started the same way for a year.

Poll: Too Much Government Power Is Scarier Than Too Little

Only 21% of respondents said not enough government power is a greater danger.

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George

How the IRS Made All Kinds of Groups' Lives Miserable

Congressional Democrats charge that the IRS acted inappropriately in reporting how it acted inappropriately.

Happy Reopening, Statue of Liberty!

Americans have been making a big deal out of you since 1885.

Analysis: The Real Problem With Hillary's Age

It's not her, it's her potential consultants and advisers.

The Economic Cost of Hangovers

Excessive boozing costs the economy about $1.37 for each drink in lost productivity. Happy holiday weekend.