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CMS Reverses Medicare Advantage Cuts

For the third year in a row, Medicare Advantage will receive a payment increase in 2016 instead of proposed cuts.

An Innovator in the Line of Fire -- Literally

She was shot in Central America and targeted by Islamic extremists in Afghanistan. But Alexis Bonnell’s toughest challenge so far? Navigating the federal government.

Union: IRS Budget Cuts Hurt Workforce, Customer Service

Starving the agency that collects the funds that keep the rest of the government running is bad strategy, NTEU president says.

Five Simple Ways to Feel Better and Perform Better

How to kick-start your physical and emotional well-being.

Welcome Spring With This Forest Service Map of the U.S. Blooming

Maps from the agency show signs of the season across America's forests, fields, and urban areas.

How the 2016 Republicans Will Debate NSA Reform

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are likely going to hit their opponents—and each other—early and often for backing mass surveillance.

Science Agrees: Being Laid Off Is Terrible

New research from England suggests that cutbacks can lead to lasting trust issues.

Why Every Manager Should Use the Great Sewerage Equation

Backlogs are not a government problem. They are a large-organization problem.

Uncertainty: Get Over It

The days of long-range plans are dead, replaced by a series of short-term ideas and experiments.

Is America Heading Toward a Border Crisis?

Mexican immigration-enforcement might keep many migrants from U.S. border this summer, but kids are still fleeing Central America.