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Taking a Snapshot of the Human Immune System

Thanks to NIH funding, an antibody snapshot could help diagnose immune disorders.

10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Workplace Happiness

Ten factors that research says have the biggest influence on job satisfaction.

House Votes to Extend Federal Pay Freeze

Bill prolongs current across-the-board salary freeze for feds and lawmakers through 2013.

Meteorite Strikes Are Actually Quite Common

Earth gets hit up to 10 times a year, experts say.

Update: Meteor Explodes Over Russia, 1,000 Injured

European Space Agency says meteor strike not connected to asteroid flyby expected Friday afternoon.

GOP Wants More Time, Not More Information, Before Chuck Hagel Vote

Republicans block motion to end debate on the Defense nominee.

U.S. Controller Danny Werfel; Education Secretary Arne Duncan; HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan; DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano; and Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter prepare to testify before a Senate committee on Thursday.

Most Sequestration Furloughs Won't Begin Before April

Department heads agree the automatic cuts would be ‘dumb.’

Polls: Americans Broadly Support Move to Drop Saturday Mail Delivery

USPS releases survey that echoes CBS News findings.

What’s the Recipe for Good (Collaborative) Relationships?

Is there a recipe for successful cross-agency relationships that are enduring?

Federal and Defense Leaders Align Closely on Priorities, Survey Says

Do defense and federal leaders really have different priorities? Survey Says ‘No’