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Senate Aide Wants to be a Millionaire

Senate staffer gets chance to go big on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

“We conducted this investigation because MF Global customers deserve to know how and why their funds went missing,” subcommittee chairman Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, said in a statement.

Report recommends merging or streamlining two financial regulatory agencies

SEC and CFTC failed to coordinate on failing investment firm, House investigators find.

Panetta orders officer ethics review

Pentagon officials said review had been planned before Gen. David Petraeus's extramarital affair was uncovered.

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan will be working closely with FEMA on the plan.

HUD secretary to lead long-term Sandy recovery efforts

Donovan will work closely with partners at FEMA, other agencies.

Former Representative Barney Frank

Two studies outline 'responsible' defense cuts

Researchers differ on whether military pay should be touched.

“The problem with the Republican conference is that it has a blind eye on defense spending,” said Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

Drop commissaries, schools, beef jerky research and Klingon workshops

GOP senator would cut $68 billion in nonmission Pentagon programs.

Leadership Spotlight: Tyler Robinson of the Export-Import Bank

Shining a spotlight on emerging federal leaders.

Postal Service announces a record $16 billion loss in fiscal 2012

Agency claims solvency is possible, with congressional action.

The Capitol grounds had a temporary lawn ornament Wednesday as Oxfam America activists dressed as Senate and House leaders and danced around a giant, inflatable duck to ask the lame duck session of Congress to protect foreign aid programs.

Giant Duck Urges Lame Duck Congress to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Comically large mallard urges congressional leaders not to “duck their responsibilities” during lame duck session.

How Can Good Management Help Avoid the Fiscal Cliff?

Reducing the cost of government programs through better management of program operations could play a significant role in the framework for a 10-year budget deal.