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Standing Desks Are Good, But Would a Standing Office Be Even Better?

Science says sitting is terrible for your health. A design team responds by doing away with office seating completely—and elegantly.

Obama Administration: Climate Change Is ‘An Urgent and Growing Threat’ to National Security

A new national security document from the administration puts climate change front and center

The budget would create a single food safety agency. It notes that pepperoni pizza now has to go through multiple agencies before it is deemed safe for consumption.

11 Major Agency Reforms in Obama’s Budget

Consolidations, expansions and staffing change proposals in the fiscal 2016 blueprint.

Liabilities Overshadow Postal Service’s ‘Fantastic Quarter’

USPS loses $754 million to start fiscal 2015, despite massive revenue growth.

EPA Watchdog Dings Itself For Not Always Vetting Job Applicants' Credentials

The inspector general office says it needs to require managers to verify the work history and references of potential hires.

The Case For Intense Background Checks For Hires

Research firm Muddy Waters has adopted a distinctive hiring process which relies on outside researchers to poke holes in candidates’ backstories.

IRS Re-Hired Employees Who Performed Poorly or Misbehaved

Watchdog finds repeat hires with overdue taxes, unexcused absences or criminal records.

Jeb Bush Is No Anti-Government Crusader

Would-be GOP presidential contender calls for “smarter, effective government.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., hasn't shared how he plans to proceed.

These Are Republicans' Options for Averting a Shutdown at DHS

GOP leaders have two legislative weeks before a partial shutdown.