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President Obama tries out different office chairs soon after being sworn in as President in 2009.

Senators Want to Smooth the Next President’s Transition to Power

Bill would require agency liaisons and training for political appointees.

How to Hack Your Coffee Habit to Improve Your Focus and Decrease Anxiety

You probably work with someone who often cries, "I need coffee. I can’t think." Here is how you can avoid becoming that person.

Bernie Sanders Enters 2016 Race as an Alternative to Clinton

The anti-war Vermont senator calls for accountable defense spending and better veterans care, setting him apart from other 2016 candidates.

Democrats Press FCC to Unmask Koch-Backed Groups

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are pushing the KOCH Act to require tougher disclosure rules for political TV ads.

The 10 Essential Tasks of a Knowledge Manager

Nobody wants to think about workflow architecture, but everybody needs it.

Panel Reverses Pentagon Cuts to Some Travel Per Diems

Defense authorization bill would scrap department policy that has resulted in lower reimbursement rates for employees on long-term government travel.

A New Bill Could Gut the EPA

There’s cutting funding, and then there’s Rep. Sam Johnson’s EPA bill.

Watchdog Says IRS Has Improved Handling of Tax-Exempt Status Requests

A 2013 audit found the agency inappropriately targeted some Tea Party organizations for scrutiny.

House Advances Bill to Limit NSA Spying

Nearly two years after the Snowden revelations began, lawmakers are scrambling to rein in government surveillance—before it’s too late.