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Curiosity Twitter team Courtney O’Connor, left, Stephanie L. Smith and Veronica McGregor pose with a model of Mars rover, Curiosity.

The Women Behind Curiosity Rover's Tweets

Odds are your agency could learn a thing or two from this talented social media team at NASA.

President Obama speaks at FEMA Headquarters in Washington in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

How a former Bush administration official would reform FEMA

Matt Mayer of the Heritage Foundation gives an idea of what a Republican plan for the agency would like.

‘Bronco Bamma’ and Mitt Romney Make Little Girl Cry, NPR Apologizes

A little girl expresses in the purest way possible what we're all feeling about the election.

Parties Wonder Which Side's Polls Reflect Reality

Divergent results spark apprehension about who gets the new normal, and who is going to be proven seriously wrong.

Mitt Romney finally answers the FEMA question

Candidate says he would fund the emergency management agency.

Five Emerging Innovation and Social Media Trends and Why They Matter Now

Social media and a renewed emphasis on innovation is transforming how government agencies operate and how they interact with citizens.

A New York National Guard helicopter surveys the city during the storm.

Regional officials recommend NJ and some NYC federal offices remain closed Thursday

Federal executive boards have tracked Sandy and are monitoring impact outside the capital.

Washington-area agencies to return to normal operations Thursday

For the first time since Sandy hit, government will be fully open.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

Intel budget continues decline after post-9/11 buildup

Required public release puts fiscal 2012 governmentwide figure at $75.4 billion.

Governor Chris Christie updates the media on the state of the state after severe weather conditions from Hurricane Sandy at the Regional Operations and Intelligence Center (ROIC) in Ewing, N.J. on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012

Gov. Christie Postpones Halloween in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Halloween in New Jersey has been cancelled over concerns about public safety.