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Gallup: You Stress Less When You Use Your Strengths

The problem is that most of us aren't.

How My Husband’s Videogames Made Me a Better Listener

Actually listening to what he likes about Xbox revealed a lot about him--and me.

Lockheed Martin Chairman and CEO Bob Stevens.

Lockheed says it won’t issue sequester-related layoff notices this year

Company cites administration guidance on when cuts would occur and what contractor costs would be covered.

Former Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration John Sepulveda resigned Sunday.

VA cited for excessive conference spending and ‘weak’ leadership

CHCO steps down after probe into two conferences costing more than $6.1 million.

5 Tips for Watching the Debates

A few ways to enhance your viewing experience and get the most substance from the debates.

Defense contractors diversify while eying sequestration

Charleston, S.C., companies would be hard hit but say adjustments are under way.

Happy birthday, NASA! Here's what might have happened if you were never born

Our space program almost ended up under the control of the Atomic Energy Committee and the precursor to DARPA.

What is All This Talk About Innovation?

It's an overused buzzword--and it's more important than ever.

Science: Watching Animal Videos Could Make You a Better Employee

And the more adorable the critter, the better.