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Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa

Congress Takes Aim at Senior Execs

Top career employees accused of misconduct could be fired or placed on leave without pay under legislation.

Government Conferences Pay for Themselves, Industry Says

Study on productivity comes amid continued agency crackdown on travel.

Pentagon’s Key Whistleblower Counselor Moves to Intel Community

Dan Meyer draws on experience to advocate trusting legitimate complainers.

Jack Lew: No Debt Limit Fight This Fall

'Congress can't let us default,' Treasury secretary says.

4 Ways to Get Better People in the SES

The government needs to do better at getting the best people into the SES.

Budget Officials to Agencies, Again: Show Us Your Programs Work

OMB memo seeks 'evidence and innovation' in fiscal 2015 budget requests.

What You Can Learn From the Rise of "Moneyball Government"

What state, local, and international governments know about making smart decisions.

Justice Department Will Work Around the Supreme Court's Voting Rights Act Ruling

Attorney General Eric Holder revealed that he is planning a series of measures that will challenge the state's autonomy when it comes to setting its own voting laws.

A U.S. Park Police officer stands guard next to the statue of Abraham Lincoln after it had been vandalized.

Someone Threw Paint on the Lincoln Memorial

The incident occurred early Friday morning.