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Is the U.S. government complicit in killing over a thousand wild horses?

Lawmakers ask if the federally protected animals were slaughtered in Mexico.

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter confirms the Pentagon is preparing for April-though-September furloughs.

Threat of sequestration takes a toll on employee productivity

Agency planners also start to make do with vacancies, ahead of March 1 deadline.

The Ross Sea's glaciers are part of Antarctica's scenery.

The perils of bypassing Congress

On climate change, Obama is likely to go it alone. Is that a good idea?

Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue

Social Security chief will leave in February

President Obama has not nominated a successor yet.

5 ways the next U.S. Secretary of Transportation will be forced to follow Ray LaHood's lead

Whoever takes over next at the Transportation Department will head an agency in the midst of seismic transitions.

Convert. Max Kampelman went from pacifist to hawk and offered a lesson for us all. The CTBTO Photostream/Creative Commons

The Right and Wrong Ways to Change Your Politics

A look at the politics of conversion.

LaHood to step down as Transportation secretary

Illinois Republican will remain in position until a successor is confirmed.

3 Performance Measures That Don't Work (But Sometimes Do)

Not all metrics are created equal: The pluses, and negatives, of three performance measurement techniques.

Federal employee unions see large membership boost in last decade

Strong numbers persist despite dip since 2011.