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URS|CH2M Oak Ridge LLC, has a $2.2 billion contract to manage environmental cleanup efforts at the East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge, an Energy Department facility.

Energy Dept. Overpays Contractor Executives

Oak Ridge, Tenn., officials sign off on salary that’s 80 percent too high, IG says.

OPM to Senior Execs: Tell Us How You Really Feel

Agency wants honest feedback from top career civil servants who leave their jobs.

The CIA Has an Undercover Female Boss

We won't get to meet her because her identity must remain secret.

 “Sequester needs a balanced solution and we will be listening and awaiting their ideas,” Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md. , said.

Short-Term Flexibility Won't Help Long-Term Impact of Sequestration

Greater control doesn't change the dollars and cents of the equation.

Patrick Seale, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Brown Fat, White Fat, Good Fat, Bad Fat

Not all fat is created equal, says NIH Director.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine

Furloughs Could Endanger Feds’ Security Clearances

Senator asks OPM to protect employees who risk losing their jobs because sequestration forces them into debt.

Can a Female Leader Put an End to the Secret Service's Boys Club?

Report says Obama will name Julia Pierson as the agency's new director.

Stressed At Work? You’re Not Alone

Results of a new survey show most American workers don't have office places that support wellbeing.