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President Obama discusses relief efforts for Haiti with former Presidents Bush and Clinton in January 2010.

Reformers Gear Up to Smooth the Next Presidential Transition

National Academy to push continuity of nonpolitical management disciplines.

MSPB Reminds Us It’s Not Impossible to Fire Federal Employees

Due process is necessary to protect all workers, and is a requirement of a merit-based personnel system, agency says.

Feds Tell Shell: You Can Now Drill in the Arctic

The Obama administration gave the oil giant a preliminary green light for controversial drilling off Alaska’s coast this summer.

A train spews smoke and fire after it derailed, May 6, in Heimdal, N.D.

10 North American Oil Trains Have Now Exploded in 2 Years

The Transportation Department has released new regulations to control the disturbing trend.

Spike the TSA hedgehog dances while the NSA owl grooves in the background.

Last Week Tonight: Take a Cue From Japan and Get Agencies Some Mascots

Scales, the blind iguana, would probably increase interest in the Department of Justice, right?

3 Simple Ways to Be More Aware This Week

We're too busy to make life more complex than it already is.

The museum construction site in October 2014.

9 Things You Need to Know About the National Mall's Newest Museum

When it finally opens its doors, the National Museum of African American History and Culture will be one of the most contradictory institutions on the National Mall.

In Their Own Words, Kids Honor Their Federal Hero: Mom

Video contest puts working mothers front and center.