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How the CFPB Stole Talent from Silicon Valley

Using lean development, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was able to recruit, and scale, quickly

The 8 Federal Agencies Most Attractive to New Grads

Only a handful of agencies appeal to millennials.

Full text of Obama's speech

The president accepts his party's nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

Obama backs ambitious government but warns of limits on effectiveness

Government is a “force for good,” he says, but must be "leaner and more efficient."

Convention insiders: ‘It’s Hillary’s if she wants it’ in 2016

The secretary of state is currently the clear frontrunner to be the Democratic candidate next time around.

Spending cuts likely to trigger furloughs

Budget expert is not optimistic Congress will reach deal to avoid governmentwide cuts before deadline.

Clay Johnson recalled how during the transition in 2000 his colleagues “worked faster than warp speed amid the many distractions, with all the agency career people feeling discombobulated.”

'Energy and excitement' make presidential transitions ripe for innovation

Expertise of career feds is key to collaboration and success, panelists say.

Innovation Isn't Always Big

It's not always a matter of huge breakthroughs.

President’s speech will tackle deficit reduction, entitlement reform

Obama will talk about decisions needed to get spending under control, campaign aide says.

Obama's 2008 convention speech was held at an outdoor football stadium.

Decision to move Obama's speech inside sparks scramble

Officials say the weather left them no choice.