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Defense Secretary Ashton Carter arrives at Kandahar on his first visit to Afghanistan since his swearing in.

Watchdog Launches Review on Future Size of Afghan Forces

Move comes on heels of Carter visit and rethinking of U.S. troop strength.

The Salary Increase You Can Expect From a Graduate Degree, By Major

A graphical guide to the returns on extra schooling.

How Diverse Should Your Team Be?

NBA data point to a sweet spot in balancing diversity and similarity of skills.

What Would You Say in Your Acceptance Speech?

Think about what message you'd want to send, if you had 60 seconds on stage at the Oscars.

To Improve Gender Equity, Local Governments May Want to Look at Non-Profits

To tackle the “13 percent” quandary, it’s time to create positive feedback loops for women in local administration.

Archivist of the United States David Ferriero

National Archives Chief Outlines 80-Year Cleanup Job

Emails from the Obama administration have topped 1 billion.

5 Ways to Make Your Management Consultants More Effective

When you seek outside advice, the worst thing you can do is not listen.

Countdown to a Homeland Security Shutdown

Funding is set to expire Friday.

Love Coffee? You Should Probably Be Drinking Even More

Self-proclaimed caffeine addicts will be glad to hear the results of this new study.

Beware of the Unpaid TSA Agent

The Obama administration's latest DHS shutdown warning focuses on the federal workers who won't get their paychecks.