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Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, wants to eliminate the IRS.

Spying on Feds, Putting IRS Agents at the Border and Other Ideas From Presidential Hopefuls

A roundup of proposals from the campaign trail for reforming the federal workforce.

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, is the chief sponsor.

Senators Offer Plan to Streamline Program Management

Ernst and Heitkamp would import private-sector accountability practices.

The Key Factor Almost Every Hiring Manager Overlooks

Beware of the person who cares about the title.

Obama Takes in the Congressional Baseball Game

The president is taking no chances in his lobbying effort before Friday's vote. Also, he met the racing presidents.

A female CDC scientist works with a bird flu sample in 2013.

The Enduring Sexism in Science

Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt resigned over inappropriate comments, but such blatant instances of bias are only the most publicized examples of a more pervasive problem.

Why Credit Monitoring Fails to Address the Real Threat Facing Hacked Feds

State-sponsored breach was probably never about financial information, experts say.

OPM Hacking Deals Yet Another Blow to Federal Morale

Employees are upset at the way OPM handled the breach, but private sector cybersecurity is not much better, contractors note.

Rule #1: Policy Design Starts With Operational Capacity

What happens when policy wonks make implementation someone else's problem.

Bush speaks in Warsaw Thursday.

On His European Tour, Jeb Bush Shakes Fist at Putin

Bush is taking a different tack on his presidential rite of passage in Europe than his GOP rivals: he’s talking.

The Price of Reading Hillary Clinton's Emails

Twelve State Department employees are working full-time to vet thousands of messages, but that's just part of a process that could cost more than $1 million.