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Identifying faces in crowds is often easier said than done.

Groups Boycott Administration's Facial Recognition Talk

The Commerce Department will forge ahead, but privacy advocates have lost faith in negotiations over software that can identify faces.

What’s in a Name? Everything That’s Wrong With Job Classification

Title and grade inflation undermine government’s ability to compete for talent.

The Complexity of Being Richard Nixon

Often remembered as a brooding, vengeful, and almost cartoonish figure, his life was far more complicated than its caricature.

Why a Jeb Bush Presidency Could Mean Far Less Job Security for Feds

The shrinking government workforce is a "tribute to our maturity as a society," the former governor has said.

How You Show Up This Week Has a Huge Ripple Effect

A well-rounded leader focuses as much on relationships as results.

The Chemical Safety Board was involved in the investigation of the April 2013 explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas.

Disputed Power Maneuver Divides Chemical Safety Board

Move marks a new detour in effort to reform vacancy-plagued investigative body.

Employee Views on Pay and Morale Are In

Early results from the annual survey on feds’ job satisfaction will be available in late August.

IRS chief John Koskinen

IRS Chief Reiterates That the White House Had No Role in Lois Lerner Document Review

House Republicans' query about "special project team" shows confusion, Koskinen says.

Hillary Clinton Officially Launched Her Campaign Saturday

The Democratic presidential candidate gave her first big campaign speech in New York City on Saturday.