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Damage in Goodland, Fla., following Hurricane Irma.

Federal Hurricane Response Expands to Antitrust, Fraud Prevention

Justice Department teams with FTC to warn against price fixing, consumer gouging.

Mathew Cooper, center, leaves U. S. District Court in Washington Wednesday, July 6, 2005, after agreeing to cooperate with federal prosecutor's investigation into the leak of the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame.

The Bruising Experience of Testifying Before a Grand Jury

Veterans of the Whitewater and Valerie Plame scandals recall what it was like—and offer advice to Team Trump.

House Slated to Debate Air Traffic Control Privatization As Deadline Looms

Congress must reauthorize FAA by end of September, and the Senate may not be on board with wholesale changes.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said the bill includes "important efforts to reorganize the Department of Defense, spur innovation in defense technology, and improve defense acquisition and business operations."

White House Objects to Parts of Defense Bill that Curb President’s Power

Trump wants Senate to reconsider presidential pay authority and rejection of another base–closing round.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke meets with officials carrying out response and recovery efforts in Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

How FEMA Can Reduce Fraud in the Wake of Harvey and Irma

Post-disaster environments are notoriously prone to scams.

Pierre Ghantos, left, and his son Nathan paddle though their flooded neighborhood in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Fort Myers on Tuesday.

How the National Weather Service Prepares for the Worst

The agency’s new philosophy gives it a much more active role in girding for disasters.

Working Alone ‘Together’ Can Be Good Motivation

The sense that you're not the only one tackling a challenge—even if you're physically alone—can increase motivation, say researchers.

The Miami Drum Services Superfund cleanup site in a fenced off area behind a rail yard days before Hurricane Irma hit Florida.

The Looming Superfund Nightmare

As unprecedented hurricanes assault coastal U.S. communities, residents and experts fear the storms could unleash contamination the EPA has tried to keep at bay.

Heavy rains flood the streets in the Coconut Grove area in Miami on Sept. 10.

Will Trump Direct FEMA to Fund Churches Hit by Hurricanes?

The president weighs in on a long-standing debate over using public money to support religious organizations.

 Coast Guard rescue team from Sandy Hook, NJ, races to the scene of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.

Why al-Qaida is Still Strong 16 Years After 9/11

An unprecedented onslaught from the U.S. hasn't destroyed the terrorist organization. What is the secret of its resilience?