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Please Don’t Talk About THAT

It's high time everybody in the organization gets to have their say.

Why Your Strategy Is Failing

To keep the team invested, make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

Rep. Cresent Hardy, R-Nev., says “Small businesses should not be forced to settle unproven claims."

Obama Officials Defend Fair Pay Rule Against ‘Blacklist’ Charges

Contractors, GOP lawmakers warn of record-keeping burden.

What the FBI Crime Stats Can – And Can't – Tell Us About Crime

The bureau released its national crime statistics for 2014 on Monday, but there are important caveats.

IRS Gave Executive Bonuses Totaling $6 Million Over Five Years

Tax Analysts’ FOIA suit details 1,269 performance awards averaging $4,483.

Gender Inequality Is Costing the World $28 Trillion

A new report quantifies what enlightened employers have long known: gender parity in the workforce has enormous value.

USDA Forest Service Maps the 'Wildland-Urban Interface,' or Areas Most Vulnerable to Wildfire

The agency has plotted where human development comes dangerously close to nature.

Jeb Bush Unveils Energy Plan

The GOP contender says his economic growth targets depend on cutting regulations and handing more power to states.

How Lazy Bosses Avoid Doing Their Jobs

Platitudes aren't just annoying, they show you don't want to listen or take action.

Pope Francis greeting schoolchildren in Washington last week.

What Any of Us Can Learn From Pope Francis

What it means to show up at our best and the outcomes we help create by being aware and intentional.