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Obama announced Lynch's nomination in November.

Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Gets Her Vote

The Senate is set to confirm the attorney general nominee after a five-month delay, thanks to an unrelated bipartisan deal on abortion.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, on Capitol Hill in January.

Evidence Grows that Marshals Service Bypassed Hiring Rules

Justice Department corrects past denial to Sen. Grassley.

Are Loose Cannons Driving Down Your Employee Engagement Scores?

How to channel over-enthusiasm into something productive.

Five Tips for Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat

How to keep the conversation going with your stakeholders.

Forget Bullet Trains, Amtrak Needs a New Bridge

With Northeast Corridor in disrepair, focus is on the present rather than the future.

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act rally in Washington in 2013.

Poll: Just as Many Americans Like Obamacare as Dislike It

Public opinion on Obamacare has split just about evenly between those who find it favorable and unfavorable, a Kaiser poll shows.

Look for the Space Between the Waves

In an always-on world, we must pause to process what we've learned.

Why Obama's Former Offshore Drilling Cop is Still Worried

Michael Bromwich, who overhauled regulation after the BP spill, says risks are much lower but real threats remain.

The Risk of Letting Employees Know Where They Rank Versus Their Peers

If your organizational culture is more collaborative, doing so could hurt performance.