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Agency Websites Found to Be More Jargon-Filled Today Than 5 Years Ago

Geological Survey and Mint score best for plain writing in study from Web content analysis firm.

Jimmy Carter during his presidency.

Zero-Based Budgeting: Everything Old is New Again

The budgeting method seems to be back in vogue 39 years after Jimmy Carter introduced it to the federal government.

How to Get Your Team to Open Up to You

Many leaders tout their open door policy, but their actions say otherwise.

Agencies in Washington Open With Unscheduled Leave, Telework

Mix of rain and snow was expected to move through the region during the day.

Americans Would Cut 2017 Funding at These Agencies

NASA, Defense among biggest losers, survey finds.

A crowd gathers for President Obama's first inauguration.

With Presidential Field Still Narrowing, GSA Prepares for Transition

Mary Gibert leads team picking securable D.C. office space.

Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning celebrates after the NFL Super Bowl 50 game against the Carolina Panthers Sunday.

Three Things Leaders Can Learn From Peyton Manning

And you thought the Super Bowl was just a game.

Even the Obamas Can’t Get Good Wi-Fi at Home

In addition, here are some of our tips to get your wireless internet as good as it can be.

VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson appeared frustrated by the decision.

Judge Reverses Firing of VA Senior Executive in Albany

The latest decision is the third such rejection of the department’s effort to discipline top officials – and the VA is not happy about it.

Josiane da Silva holds her son Jose Elton, who was born with microcephaly, outside her house in Alcantil, Paraiba state, Brazil. Zika is thought to cause birth defects.

Obama Requests $1.8 Billion to Combat Zika Virus

CDC, HHS, State and USAID would get funds as vaccine research accelerates.