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The Agencies That Will Remain Open in the Initial Days of the Shutdown

OMB has ordered agencies to scour their budgets to see if they have the money to keep their doors open. Some have succeeded.

What Happens to Astronauts During a Government Shutdown?

How NASA scales down to a skeleton crew when Congress misses a big budget deadline.

Government Shuts Down After Senate Rejects One-Month Stopgap Spending Bill

Lawmakers did not come up with an alternate plan in time for the midnight deadline.

Here's What Feds Can Expect If the Government Shuts Down Saturday

Park Service, Smithsonian have said disruption wouldn’t start until Monday; plans vary by agency.

"We cannot live on continuing resolutions," said Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md.

With Shutdown Clock Ticking, Senators Point Fingers for Creating 'Governmental Chaos'

Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer heads to the White House Friday to negotiate a plan forward.

Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney

Acting Consumer Bureau Chief Opts Not to Refill Funding Reserve This Quarter

Mulvaney asks outgoing head of the Federal Reserve to cancel payment, calling it unnecessary.

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney conducts a press briefing on Friday with a shutdown looming.

Mulvaney: Shutdown Chance 'Between 50 and 60 Percent'

OMB director claims Obama "weaponized" the 2013 shutdown.

Beat Insomnia and Boost Your Productivity With This 5-Minute Ritual

Offload your worries, suggests a new study from Baylor University.

How A Chief Customer Experience Officer Could Transform Government

Improving the public’s experience with government just makes sense.

House Narrowly Passes Stopgap Spending Bill, But Shutdown Threat Remains

Continuing resolution to keep agencies open through Feb. 16 will face a tougher vote in the Senate.