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Why Federal Managers Fail to Fire Their Low Performers

The problem is not so much the system, but how it is applied.

Fighters of the Islamic State wave the group's flag from a damaged display of a government fighter jet following the battle for the Tabqa air base, in Raqqa, Syria in 2014.

New York Times: Defense IG Examines if Analysis of Progress Against ISIS in Iraq Was Skewed

The newspaper is reporting that the Pentagon’s inspector general is looking into allegations that military officials made intelligence assessments seem optimistic.

Here's How Much Sexism Costs Economies Around the Globe

Everyone in a society benefits from more women climbing the ranks in the workforce.

FDA and the True Meaning of Mayonnaise

The agency warns a vegan food manufacturer that mayo isn't mayo without eggs.

President Obama talks to Solicitor General Donald Verrilli in the Oval Office after learning of the Supreme Court's ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, June 28, 2012.

IRS Needs to Improve Handling of Obamacare Data

Watchdog credits the agency with meeting filing season deadlines.

New Orleans has come a long way since the botched governmental response to Katrina in 2005.

Heck of a Recovery, New Orleans

Five governance lessons from the post-Katrina Gulf Coast.

The Statistics Show Donald Trump is Wrong On Immigrants

America's immigrants have actually helped lift wages for natives.

Obama Wants His Climate Plans to Hit You Where You Live

In Las Vegas speech, Obama says conservatives are out of touch on energy.

Study: Here is Why You Never Know What Day It Is

People feel more extremely about Mondays and Fridays.

Labor Department: U.S. Inflation and Housing Costs Are Up

Last month, the government’s measure of the cost of shelter saw its largest increase since 2007.