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Lessig spoke in London in May on technology and government.

Lawrence Lessig is Considering a Presidential Run

The Harvard professor and Creative Commons co-founder wants to get money out of politics—and thinks he has the best plan to do it.

Your 'Gut Feeling' Can Literally Control What Happens in Your Brain

It involves hundreds of millions of neurons that aren’t in your brain.

Sorry Feds: You Have to Bring Your Own Plates and Forks to Work

GAO says agencies cannot use appropriated funds for disposable plates and cutlery.

Clinton Wants to Eliminate Student Loans For Public Colleges and Universities

The candidate says she doesn't want the government making money off of student loans.

Why We Hide From Feedback

There are a number of key elements that influence our receptiveness.

More Than 143 Million Americans Are at Risk From Earthquakes

That’s almost double a 2006 U.S. Geological Survey estimate of 75 million.

Where Customer Experience is Winning (and Losing) in Government

Without the spotlight of a presidential administration or a top-down leadership push, most federal agencies have long fought a losing battle in meaningful customer experience improvements.

Senate Republicans Propose Making IRS Independent, Non-Unionized

Finance panel also slams Lois Lerner’s early testimony as deceitful.

Revenue from shipping and packages continued to be the biggest glimmer of hope for the mailing agency.

The U.S. Postal Service’s Streak of Positive Financial News Has Ended

Agency loses $586 million from April through June, partly due to increased labor costs.

Just Tell It to Me Like I’m Stupid

Using words that confuse and obfuscate damages your organization's brand.