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Leveling the Playing Field by Design

Fairness on the job isn’t something that happens naturally. It has to be built.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a pay equality roundtable on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton Says She Wants Half of Her Cabinet to Be Women

Only seven out of 23 Cabinet-ranked positions are occupied by women now.

NOAA: The U.S. Hits a Never-Before-Seen Milestone for Warmth

This March saw every single climate division reporting above-average temperatures.

Why Congress Needs to Lift the Pay Cap on Administrative Law Judges

Agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit qualified attorneys and retain the best judges.

Congress could curb politicization by fully funding the watchdogs and communicating "more regularly with IGs to understand where stonewalling, obstruction and other barriers to inquiries exist," scholars find.

The Most Politicized Inspectors General? Education, State and HUD

Brookings scholars call on Congress to consult and better fund agency watchdogs.

FBI to Public: Have You Seen These Missing Warhols?

They went missing from Springfield, Missouri last week.

Should Political Appointees Be Held Accountable for Hiring Top Talent?

Lawmakers, panelists revisit the many layers of the broken federal hiring system Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

Proposed FOIA Changes Could Shield Pentagon Documents on Torture, Contractor Abuse

Transparency groups seek to head off Pentagon bid to narrow transparency law.