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Restaurants with more than 20 locations, such as chains like McDonald's, will have to list the calorie information on their menus—but not until late 2016

The FDA Is Delaying the Affordable Care Act's Menu-Labeling Rules

The deadline for posting calorie counts was pushed back a year to December 2016.

Army to Cut 17,000 Civilian Employees

Cuts will come alongside a reduction of 40,000 troops.

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta testifies before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on June 25.

Second OPM Data Breach Hit 21.5 Million, Included Fingerprints

Hack affected nearly everyone that underwent a background investigation through OPM in 2000 or later.

"Right now, the Interior appropriations bill in the House is jammed up because a sizable number of House Republicans are eager to protect the status of the Confederate flag on National Park Service grounds," Josh Earnest said Thursday.

White House Spokesman Hammers House Republicans, Trump For Racial Insensitivity

Press secretary Josh Earnest ticked off how House Republicans and Donald Trump are "out of step" with most Americans on race.

11 Ways Bad Bosses Flub Your Performance Reviews

Evaluations are designed to inform as well as motivate, when done well.

Fraud and Gravestone Stealing at the VA

One former VA supervisor is sentenced for accepting $1 million in kickbacks, while another employee pilfered stone from a cemetery to install flooring at his property.

Men Are Both More and Less Intelligent Than Women

Surveys and reports are trying to settle an age-old debate.

OMB Pushes Interagency Collaboration to Modernize Statistics

Regulatory chief seeks to eliminate 'stovepiped' information releases.

Here's Our Chance to Fix Government Once and for All

Landmark legislation would provide the real power needed to cut waste.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed neighborhoods in 2005.

Housing Choices for Poor Families Have Not Improved Since Katrina

A new study shows that vouchers for low-income families in post-Katrina New Orleans haven’t helped integrate or improve neighborhoods.