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Biden's Choice Is Weighed Down With Ambition and Personal Tragedy

Talking with Stephen Colbert Thursday, the vice president spoke with gravity about his decision on whether to run for president.

Mark Lippert addresses the media in March after the attack.

The Korean Man Who Attacked the U.S. Ambassador to Seoul Is Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

A court found Kim Ki-jong guilty of attempted murder, violence against a foreign envoy, and business obstruction.

Learning From Your Communication Mistakes

Being in charge doesn’t mean you have to sound in charge.

Justice Says It Will Get Tough on Wall Street Fraud

Per a new policy, the Department of Justice will go after individual wrongdoers instead of the companies that employ them.

​15 Ways to Network That Conference

If you’re not coming home with promising connections, you’re doing it wrong.

Refugees stand outside a camp on the Syrian-Turkish border in 2011.

U.S. to Accept At Least 10,000 Syrian Refugees in the Next Fiscal Year

The White House says it is preparing to accept at least 10,000 refugees in the next fiscal year.

IRS Credited With Success in Nailing Feds Who Owe Taxes

Watchdog recommends improvements to keep the delinquency rate low.

Imagining an On-Demand Government in an Uber World

The keys are forward planning and intergovernmental collaboration.

State Department Says It Is 'Strained to the Limit' With Clinton Emails

Agency says it need to shift massive resources to deal with a big FOIA backlog and the remaining unreleased messages from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary.