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Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said: "The IRS needs to protect taxpayers against any abuses, but those raising objections have always opposed the program and look for ways to undermine it."

Privatized Tax Debt Collection Again Sparks Firestorm

New program, like previous efforts, faces accusations of overly aggressive tactics.

Why Is the Onus on Women to Curb Workplace Interruptions?

Some businesses are actively taking steps to solve a problem that is too often left to female employees.

HHS Secretary Tom Price speaks at the agency's headquarters on June 13.

HHS Secretary: The Congressional Budget Office Is ‘Not Accurate’

Tom Price questioned the ability of the agency to estimate the number of people who would lose health insurance under Congress’s Obamacare repeal-and-replace plan.

HHS Secretary Defies Trump on Ebola Travel Ban

Trump advocated shutting infected Americans out of the country during the 2014 outbreak. But Tom Price praised Obama’s response and said the U.S. has a moral responsibility to care for its health volunteers abroad.

Understanding These Three Principles Will Help You Develop True Intrinsic Motivation

This influential understanding of motivation isn't about control or prizes. Instead, "it's that high quality motivation that comes from the inside."

From The Pentagon Papers To Trump: How The Government Gained The Upper Hand Against Leakers

American citizens have long favored government openness over secrecy. But with heightened anti-leak and anti-press rhetoric, do some now want strengthened government control of information?

Trump's Rows of Unfilled Agency Jobs Could Bump Up Against Vacancies Act

Worst-case scenario is that decisions by acting executives are rendered invalid.

Trump Team Starts to Fill Out OPM Leadership, With Pick for No. 2 Job

George Nesterczuk still awaits confirmation hearing for director spot.