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More Brains Don’t Always Lead to Better Decisions

The "wisdom of the crowds" theory has its limits, report researchers. In some situations, smaller groups can make more accurate decisions than larger ones.

The Acrostic as a Form of Bureaucratic Dissent

Hiding a message in a resignation letter is provocative—but also passive aggressive.

Comptroller General Gene Dodaro testifies before Congress in 2009.

GAO Chief Dismisses 'Legend' that Agencies Can’t Escape High-Risk List

Dodaro calls Trump reorganization effort “a perfect opportunity” to use the biennial tool.

A letter carrier heads out with a cart full of mail for delivery.

Beyond Rain and Snow, Postal Workers Must Also Worry About Their Shoes

Letter carriers must wear footwear pre-approved by the U.S. Postal Service or face fines.

Eavesdropping Actually Makes Us Better People

Eavesdropping is often stigmatized as something only “nosy” or “intrusive” people do. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Trump's Science Envoy Resigns With a Harsh Hidden Message

Two examples could be a coincidence. A third one would make it a trend.

Making Government’s Massive Programs Work: Now It’s the Law

Implementing the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act.

Trump's picks for the panel won't be subject to Senate confirmation.

Union Official Blasts Lack of Ideological Diversity on Mediation Panel

NFFE president fears the Federal Service Impasses Panel will be slanted against workers.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic with Evidence and Innovation

How Congress and the Health and Human Services Department can reduce opioid-related deaths.

OMB Steers Agency R&D Budgets Toward Security, ‘Energy Dominance’

Fiscal 2019 initiatives should be “budget neutral” and agencies should consider private-sector solutions, guidance states.