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The Aug. 21 eclipse is seen from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

A Guide to Making More Time by Cultivating Everyday Awe

You can have awe-inspiring experiences every day—no major event necessary— and they can make you mentally and physically healthier.

Federal Agencies Respond to ‘Unprecedented’ Texas Storm

As flooding from Hurricane Harvey devastates Houston and surrounding areas, feds collaborate with state and local officials on rescue and recovery efforts.

How Women Can Get Kudos For Assertiveness at Work

Findings from a new study on assertiveness and leadership among women at work seem to support Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In."

Officials deliver water to a holding area for residents waiting to be evacuated in Corpus Christi, Texas, ahead of Hurricane Harvey.

Lack of Political Leadership Could Hamper Harvey Response, Katrina Veterans Warn

While former FEMA leaders express confidence in career staff, they have concerns about interagency collaboration.

State Department Shuts Down Online Employee Idea Forum

Department says technology is being upgraded but does not provide a timeframe; discussions won't be archived.

IRS Faces a Resource Crunch

Implementing tax reform won’t be easy for an agency whose budget has been cut steadily.

The Federal Managers Who Aren’t Afraid to Take Risks

New data suggest the conventional wisdom is wrong, raising important policy questions.

Investigators help prevent public health crises like the one in Flint, Mich.

EPA Has Slashed Its Criminal Investigation Division in Half

Cuts, which predate Trump, track with a reduction in new criminal cases brought by EPA.

Yet Another Lawsuit Demands Greater Transparency at EPA

Environmental activist files complaint seeking FOIA’d documents on regulatory reform.