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Relocation incentives will be one of tools agencies will have more leeway to use.

Agencies Have More Wiggle Room to Spend on 3Rs in 2016

OPM lifts four-year spending limit on recruitment, relocation and retention incentives for certain mission-critical jobs.

Your Weekly Perspective Check

Look at it this way, at least you're not working in the shock trauma room.

U.S. Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner testifies before the House Veterans' Affairs Committee hearing in July 2014.

Whistleblower Disclosures Skyrocketed Last Year, Driven by VA Employees

Small independent agency struggles to keep up with unprecedented workload.

Budget Deficit Set to Rise Again, CBO Says

Projection comes after seven years of decline.

Sanders and Clinton Go to the Mat

The two leading candidates battled over gun control and health care during the final Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses.

How Your Social Life Changes Your Microbiome

Every hug, handshake, and hip-check sends the tiny communities that live inside us back and forth.

Why NOAA is Working on a Facebook for Endangered Whales

Marine biologists have crowdsourced a facial-recognition algorithm to help them identify the animals on the spot.

After Nearly Four Years, Phased Retirement Hasn't Quite Taken Off

OPM says to date it’s received 31 applications from federal employees governmentwide.

Obama Steers Climate Battle ‘Upstream’ With New Coal Policy

Restrictions on coal development highlight the growing fight over keeping fossil fuels in the ground.