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Veterans salute the colors during a Veterans Day ceremony.

Why Obama's Mental Health Initiatives Will Leave Many Troubled Vets Without Help

White House has unveiled plans to help service members in transition, but some troubled vets will still likely slip through the cracks.

The Origins of the Anger Face

Why humans have evolved to flare their nostrils, furrow their brows, and frown

Major Background Check Contractor Furloughs Thousands of Employees

Personnel agency shifts investigations away from USIS following stop-work orders.

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Napa County, California, on Aug. 24.

What Happens When an Emergency Operations Center Is Damaged by an Earthquake?

Napa County officials recount how they had to turn to Plan B.

Many Federal Job Descriptions Are Dated

OPM challenges watchdog conclusion that it has neglected to track some job categories that need modernizing.

What Any Leader Can Learn From Pope Francis

Author of new book describes Francis as the most authentic leader he has ever seen.

What Grover Norquist Learned at Burning Man

The anti-tax activist came away from the Nevada desert party with an appreciation for its demand for "radical self-reliance."

Even Supreme Court Justices Cite 'Internet Facts' (Just Like the Rest of Us)

A new study finds that Supreme Court justices often cite briefs whose facts come from dubious sources.