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Parts of Virginia were under a blizzard warning early Friday.

Tell Us How the Blizzard Affects You and Your Agency

How does a crippling storm in Washington affect government operations?

The Michigan National Guard hands out water filters and test kits in Flint.

EPA Official in Flint Region Will Resign by Feb. 1

Administrator tells Michigan officials that federal response to water crisis was inadequate.

A man stands guard at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Main Agency Involved in Oregon Land Standoff Rejects Charge of Amateurism

Rancher had written that regulators “had no agriculture experience.”

Government Spending on Health Care Equals What Other Nations Pay for Universal Care

Study contradicts official estimates and popular perception that the private sector pays the biggest tab.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, one of the bill’s sponsors.

Bipartisan Bill Would Limit Administrative Leave to Five Days

Senators unveil reforms to crack down on agencies’ abuse of paid leave for federal employees under investigation.

Grand Jury Indicts Man in Connection With Immigration Fraud Scheme Uncovered by ICE

Federal investigators noticed an unusually high number of asylum applications from Thai nationals.

Clinton squares off with the other Democratic candidates in Sunday's presidential debate.

Clinton Picks Up Another Federal Union Endorsement

Labor group with 150,000 members throws support behind former State secretary.