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It’s Time to Make Good on Phased Retirement

​While agencies drag their feet, critical skills are walking out the door.

Video: Obama Spoke Wednesday About Bill Cosby

At a press conference, the president was asked if he was going to revoke the comedian's Presidential Medal of Freedom.

New OPM Director Promises to Improve Response to Data Breach

White House CIO says long term solution will require investing in new technology.

Why Getting a Referral Is So Powerful In a Job Search

It's always important to tap into your employees' professional networks.

How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Government?

Understanding the citizen’s perspective can drive quality data and decisions.

Obama speaks at a cabinet meeting in 2012 as Clinton watches.

Obama's Foreign Policy Is Hurting Hillary Clinton's 2016 Chances

The president’s unorthodox foreign policy, conducted after his reelection in 2012, will receive a clear up-or-down vote in Florida next year—but with Hillary Clinton on the ballot.

Obama spoke at the NAACP's annual Convention at the Philadelphia Convention Center Tuesday.

Obama Lays Out Plan to Overhaul The American Criminal Justice System

"Any system that allows us to turn a blind eye to hopelessness and despair—that is not a justice system, that is an injustice system," the president said Tuesday.

What Kind of Leader Are You?

There are three types of leaders, and organizations need all three.

Seven Agencies Experiment with Publishing FOIA Releases

Justice leads effort to gauge impact on staff time and costs.

Time Management Is Only Making Our Already Busy Lives Worse

Time management is a 250-year-old innovation; it's time to move on.