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Pentagon Close, But No Cigar, on Curbing Improper Payments

Watchdog says lack of auditable financial statement threatens reliability.

Research Confirms It: Good Managers Make a Difference

Managers who inspire their people have more impact on an organization’s performance than its executives.

Children learn from a Park Service ranger at Rock Creek Park in Washington.

Federal Employees Deserve the Nation’s Gratitude

From all the misguided rhetoric, you’d think all federal employees are bureaucrats or paper pushers.

IRS chief John Koskinen said, "This is a good development for our tax system."

IRS Finds the Money to Recruit 600 to 700 Enforcement Employees

Commissioner tells staff of “first significant hiring in five years.”

Bernie Sanders Gets a Boost in Indiana

The Democratic U.S. presidential candidate secured a win over Hillary Clinton when he desperately needed it.

To Deal With Poor Performers, You Need Will and Skill

As the workforce has grown savvier and more litigious, government managers have had a hard time finding reliable HR expertise.

Could OPM's Latest Hiring Initiative Actually Make a Difference?

The agency wants to fix the "broken relationship" between front-line supervisors and HR professionals.

How Government Leaders Have Handled Downsizing and Other Big Changes

Engaging the workforce in every step of the transformation process is critical, says one agency head.

Those Emails You Send From Home At Night Are Creating More Problems Than You Know

We’re operating under a mass delusion, and it’s making us miserable.