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Analysis: The Weaponized Census

A move by the Trump administration to add a citizenship question to the decennial survey would erode its utility—and the political power of immigrant-dense regions.

Students at the March For Our Lives protest in Santa Monica, Calif., on March 24.

What I’ve Learned From the Young Leaders of Stoneman Douglas High School

Whether you agree or disagree with the policy prescriptions advocated by the students, there are some clear leadership lessons here.

Wilbur Ross wrote that he "I considered all facts and data relevant to the question" before making a recommendation.

Census To Add Citizenship Question to 2020 Questionnaire

Commerce memo says the question "will permit more effective enforcement" of the Voting Rights Act.

With Pay for Performance, Money Is Not the Problem

Strengthening the way employee performance is managed is critical.

Analysis: A Cabinet of Conspicuous Corruption

Wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars by several secretaries follows a tone set by the president.

ICE agents arrest a fugitive in Los Angeles during a targeted enforcement action in Los Angeles in 2017.

Congress Rejects Trump’s Bid for More Immigration Enforcement and Border Patrol Agents

CBP concedes an inevitable net loss of workers, giving back $200M originally intended for hiring.

Russian-language specialists at the Voice of America call out disinformation from Russian officials.

In the Era of Fake News, VOA Is Fact-Checking Russia’s Messages

The agency’s is desk expanding its “disinformation news” coverage.

The People Trump's War on Drugs Will Actually Punish

His campaign, backed by the Justice Department, only reinforces a law-enforcement paradigm that puts people of color in prison.

What To Do When Your Boss Is Always MIA

You can’t control your boss’s schedule, so what do you do?

President Donald Trump reviews border wall prototypes in San Diego on March 13.

Sessions Suing California Is The Latest Battle In A Centuries-Old War For Power Over Immigration

A legal scholar explains how even in the early days of the republic, Americans struggled to agree on who had the final say on immigration issues.