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The Chemical Safety Board helped investigate the April 2013 explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas.

New Chair of Troubled Chemical Safety Board Begins Listening Tour

Sutherland seeks "a better culture and experience" for a body some called toxic.

How Government Techies Can Usher in the Next Generation of Federal Workers

18F hopes to match agencies with employees while benefiting both.

NASA Plans to Hitch Rides on Comets – Using Harpoons and Tethers

The system may one day be used to hitchhike across the solar system.

So Long to the Cubit and Ad Hoc Performance Metrics

Cross-agency benchmarks support data-driven decision-making.

You’re More Likely to Find a Better Job While You're Still In Your Old One

Future employers love to hear you brag about your current job.

No, Americans Probably Aren't Suffering From a Lack of Sleep

Just because you're tired, doesn't mean you didn't get a full night's sleep.

Obamacare Hasn't Knocked John Kasich Out of the Race for the White House

Recent polling shows shifting priorities, even among Republicans, on health care.

Craig Fugate spoke at the winter National Guard Senior Leader Conference in Virginia in February.

How FEMA Director Craig Fugate Wants to Reshape Disaster Management

Fugate on why the Katrina response failed, why it’s important to talk about “survivors” instead of “victims,” and why citizens can’t just wait for the government to save them in a huge disaster

It’s Time to Rethink the Way Work Is Managed

Better performance comes with clear expectations and mutual trust.

An aerial view of Levittown, New York.

Analysis: How the Federal Government Built White Suburbia

Federal housing policies didn’t just deny opportunities to black residents. They subsidized and safeguarded whites-only neighborhoods.