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An unnamed Treasury Department official, surrounded by packages of newly minted currency, counting and wrapping dollar bills. Washington, DC 1907.

Congress Didn’t Always Fight Over the Debt Ceiling

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when our government repaid its debt in a timely fashion.

AI Is Already Learning How To Discriminate

Tech companies must actively teach their AI systems to avoid discrimination, writes the co-founder of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit.

Say Goodbye To The Information Age: It’s All About Reputation Now

We are experiencing a fundamental paradigm shift in our relationship to knowledge.

Labor Agreement Forced on Education Dept. Employees Curtails Official Time, Cuts Employee Protections

AFGE has filed an unfair labor practices charge against the agency over a collective bargaining agreement that the union never approved.

Justice IG Tells FBI to Improve Training in Handling of Whistleblowers

Protected disclosures not always honored in program former director Comey lauded.

7 Requirements for Successfully Managing Government Reform

Public sector transformation can be successful if pursued the right way.

State, White House Officials Conspired to Root Out Disloyal Career Workers, Whistleblower Docs Show

Political appointees noted employees’ heritage and previous service, which lawmakers call "extremely disturbing."

Why The Typical Performance Review Is Overwhelmingly Biased

Even the assumption that managers can accurately rate employees without bias reflects a type of bias.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson canceled the $31,000 office furniture order after it came under scrutiny.

New Details Emerge on Carson’s Office Upgrade, Pruitt’s Sound-Proof Booth

Pruitt spent more on "privacy booth" and Carson selected pricey furniture, internal documents show.

Could The Open Government Movement Shut The Door On Freedom of Information?

During Sunshine Week, three scholars of government transparency look at a potential collision between the old freedom of information movement and the new open government movement. Is there room for both?"