Obama: Climate Action Is America’s Duty

As the House gears up vote against his climate agenda, Obama says America will act.

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Bill Would Allow VA To Recoup Relocation Benefits

Under the legislation, the secretary could demand repayment from any employee for moving expenses paid by government.

ISIS ‘a Serious Threat for Some Time to Come’

Obama also said Russia is unlikely to change its tactics in Syria in the near future.


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The Cost of Obama’s Monday Dinner in Paris Could Offset 400 Tons of Carbon

A group of twelve leaders and diplomats had a range of delicacies to choose when François Hollande took them to L’Ambroisie restaurant.

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5 Things About Work You Have to Get Used to

Your success depends on doing what the boss needs done.

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Everyone Could Benefit From Paid Parental Leave

Workplaces are (slowly) becoming more equal. Yet many have policies that all but ensure that households will stay stuck in the past.

IRS Whistleblower Program Makes Money But May Be Underfunded

GAO calls for improvements to streamline operations and further reduce tax gap.

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Are Millennials Bad Employees?

The generation has been called entitled and narcissistic. Their bosses disagree

As Clinton Releases Infrastructure Plan, Congress Wrestles With Its Own Bill

Clinton’s tax-reform plan might seem ideal, but Congress is stuck with a pay-for patchwork.

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The Never-Ending Appeals Process at VA Hurts All Vets

Is infinity the right number to allow? Probably not.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump is Just Confusing Some Things

The Daily Show looks at some of the candidate's recent claims.

State Releases Another Batch of Hillary Clinton Emails

The State Department has released thousands of more pages of messages from Clinton’s time at the agency.

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Thrown Into the Deep End

It requires you to stretch past your comfort zone.