House Approves Long Sought After Federal Hiring Reform

Bill would ease transition to full-time status for certain temporary employees.

Read moreJuly 7, 2015Leave a comment Architect of the Capitol

USPS Contracted Services to Staples Illegally, Board Says

Complaint comes from regional level and will move to administrative law judge.

Watchdog: VA Didn’t Dawdle In Treating Vets With Legionnaires' Disease

Six veterans died and 16 others became ill from an outbreak in Pittsburgh in 2011 and 2012.


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The #1 Dysfunction Preventing Wise Investment in Employee Engagement

They’re checked out, but what are you doing about it?

Excellence in Government Google is at the forefront of perks for employees.

The White House is Making it Easier to Power Homes With Solar Energy

The administration’s new executive actions and private sector commitments are aimed at boosting solar power.

Sanders speaks at a campaign event in Vermont Monday.

Clinton's Campaign is Afraid of Bernie Sanders

As the Vermont senator gains momentum, the frontunner's team brings in Claire McCaskill.

Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong meets with western reporters in Hanoi on July 3.

Vietnam's Communist Party Leader to Meet With Obama in Washington

The White House sees Nguyen Phu Trong leader as a potential regional partner.

Excellence in Government Flooding after Superstorm Sandy prompted officials in Hoboken, New Jersey, to rethink their approach to construction projects.

Why Budget Forecasts Should Include the Next Big Disaster

Four things agencies need to know about creating climate resilient facilities.

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Change It Up This Week

Routines are important, but not when they get in the way of creativity.

Justice Updates FOIA Guidance to Confirm Requesters Still Care

Goal is to preserve agency resources while maintaining communication.

Excellence in Government

Asking for Forgiveness, Not Permission

Rewarding good judgment creates a happier, more agile workforce.

Clinton: China Hacks Into 'Everything That Doesn’t Move'

The former secretary of state has some decidedly undiplomatic words for Beijing.