OPM Tells Agencies to Stop Working Collaboratively with Unions

Guidance for implementing President Trump’s executive order disbanding labor-management councils goes much further than a similar move made by President George W. Bush.

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ICE Detainees Face Inhumane Conditions, IG Finds

Illegal strip searches, rotten food and a lack of toilet paper number among the improper conditions.

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Trump and His Regulation Czar Tout Major Cuts in Rules

President says agencies beat goals in 2-for-1 elimination plan, and next year’s agenda promises more.

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There’s a Trick To Improving Your Mood—But You Probably Don’t Want To Do It

It’s nearly impossible to control your thoughts and feelings, but you can control your behaviors.

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Security Clearance Backlog Has Been a Decade in the Making

There’s no shortage of recommendations for addressing the problems.

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Women With Postgrad Degrees Are More Likely to Report Experiencing Sex Discrimination at Work

The pattern holds steady for every major form of gender-based discrimination.

Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., told the nominee agencies must be empowered with resources, talent and expertise.

Trump’s Top Management Nominee Pledges Workforce Reforms, More Strategic Cuts

Would-be third ranking OMB official says workforce attrition is harmful.

Lindsey Graham: There's a 30 Percent Chance Trump Attacks North Korea

“I don’t know how to say it any more direct: If nothing changes, Trump’s gonna have to use the military option, because time is running out.”

Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney is concerned about any inauthentic information that comes to the bureau, an adviser said.

Consumer Bureau to Investigate 'Fake' Rulemaking Comments

Wall Street Journal identified thousands of fictional commenters writing to four agencies.

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The Debt Ceiling Is a Farce

It’s time to eliminate it.

Report: Trump To Freeze Federal Civilian Pay in 2019

White House budget guidance orders DHS to cut border security technology, freeze law enforcement pay, and ramp up wall funding 79 percent.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said: “We must lift the spending caps for defense and also those urgent domestic priorities, in equal measure.”

Democrats Poised to Block Latest GOP Plan to Avoid Shutdown

House Republicans want to give the Pentagon a boost while keeping domestic agencies on autopilot.

House Subcommittee Mulls IRS Funding to Implement Tax Reform

Hearing on customer service showcases an agency stretched for resources.