Officials Laud House Proposal for Commission to Curb Improper Payments

Plan to reduce waste and fraud draws bipartisanship.

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Trump Regulatory Chief Hits Ground Running for 'Fundamental Shift'

Release of unified rules agenda shows savings compared with Obama's.

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How To Be An Overachiever—Without Making Everyone Secretly Hate You

One person's success can make everyone else feel like a failure.

Trump Criticizes Sessions Over Russia Recusal

In an interview with The New York Times, the president said he never would have chosen his attorney general if he knew he would end up recusing himself from the ongoing federal inquiry into the 2016 election.

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A One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Civil Service Reform Won't Work, Study Says

Reform effort will require bipartisan buy-in and the balancing of flexibility with preservation of merit system principles.

New Law Aims To Cut Red Tape

But vacancies in the White House budget office threaten to slow the law’s implementation.

Excellence in Government Donald Trump at the Elysee Palace for an extended interview with the french President on July 13.

Trump at Six Months

Six lessons from an unprecedented presidency.

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Excellence in Government

The Simple Mistakes That End Up Wrecking Attempts To Collaborate At Work

Do you put the same effort into preparing for meetings with coworkers as you do for clients?

Nine Major Agency Reform Proposals in the House GOP Budget

Eliminating programs, restructuring agency components, streamlining hiring and more.