Government Executive : Vol. 47 No. 3 (May/June 2015) Magazine Cover

Government Executive : Vol. 47 No. 3 (May/June 2015)

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May 06, 2015 – Vol. 47, No. 3

  • The Forum

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  • Government’s Own Venture Capitalist

    By Mohana RavindranatharrowNagesh Rao plants seed money for small business startups that can pioneer breakthroughs in energy, ...
  • Around Government

    By Susan Fourney, Michael Grass and Charles S. ClarkarrowThe rat pack, star power, ambassadors of equality.
  • Master Builder

    By Katherine McIntire PetersarrowRandall Lohman helps agencies design the workforces they’ll need for the future.
  • The War Startup

    By Patrick TuckerarrowUkrainian commanders resort to crowdfunding to produce drones in short order.
  • Mapping Threats

    By Aliya SternsteinarrowNew software is helping intelligence analysts, but the most powerful processor is still the human brain.
  • Data Gurus Take Charge

    By Jack MoorearrowGovernment’s newest chiefs seek to manage a wellspring of digital assets to improve missions.
  • The Editor

    Tomorrow’s Government

    By Tom Shoop arrow To build the effective agencies of the future, some things need to change now.
  • Making Room for a Modern Workforce

    By Patrick Boynton and Susan FourneyarrowThe U.S. Forest Service streamlines office space to accommodate more employees and more collaboration.
  • Reimagining Government

    By Katherine McIntire Peters, Eric Katz, Charles S. Clark and Kellie LunneyarrowFour ways to restore the vitality of the executive branch.
  • Lesson Plan

    By Patrick BoyntonarrowCan Teach for America also teach the federal government about hiring millennials?

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