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Government Executive 2016 Presidential Poll: January 27, 2015

Donald Trump has extended a commanding lead in the GOP primary field among federal employees, according to an independent Government Business Council / Government Executive poll released on January 27.

Nearly 9 in 10 Government Employees Concerned about Cyber Breaches in Their Organization

With cyber threats growing in both sophistication and capacity, government organizations are more vulnerable than ever to data breaches.

Cybersecurity in a Mobile Era

State and local governments are seeking flexible, real-time solutions that will balance the power of mobility with robust cybersecurity initiatives.

Aligning Mission and Technology

Government Business Council's new survey highlights the key challenges and goals of federal IT modernization.

Paving the Way Toward Mission-Aligned IT

What challenges do federal agencies face when approaching IT modernization?

Improving Patient Outcomes With Health Data Analytics

The cost of healthcare in the United States continues to rise. In 2015, costs are projected to have risen by 5.3 percent to a per capita cost of $9,965. The challenge is, how do federal, state, & local governments cut the growth of healthcare costs without sacrificing quality?

Here’s How Government Can Limit Cyber Breaches

Most agencies are not using threat intelligence to guide their cybersecurity planning.

Cultural Overhaul: I.T. Modernization in Action

The hardest part of IT modernization is not technical. It’s cultural.

Are Agencies Leaving Traveling Employees Out in the Cold?

GBC’s new study finds that many federal employees traveling or working remotely feel inadequately supported by their agency.

Data Analytics: A Strategic Asset to Government

Government Business Council speaks with Dr. Martin Trevino, Senior Strategist with the National Security Agency's Information Assurance Directorate, to discuss the ways analytics is changing the way government works.