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The Modern Reality of COOP Planning: Reinforcing Data, not Bunkers

Instead of drills and assigning bunker beds, the new era of COOP planning will be focused on data security, continuous access, and keeping federal employees online.

Forget Big Data, It’s About Big Analytics

Government Business Council (GBC) and Booz Allen Hamilton found 37 percent of managers know how to leverage big data.

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3 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Agency's IAM System

Though 83 percent of the 24 major federal agencies have IAM systems in place, a March 2013 FISMA report revealed numerous gaps in agency implementation. Here are 3 signs you may need to upgrade your IAM system.

To address our major management challenges, we need a better approach

An annual rite of passage for federal agencies went virtually unreported recently – the date by which they are required to post audited financial statements.

Infographic: Why 74% of IT Decision Makers Say Tablets Increase Productivity

How Agencies Can Capitalize on the Rise of Tablets in the Workplace

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The Lifecycle of Retirement

Under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), as long as a federal employee worked 20 to 30 years in government, their benefits were guaranteed, no matter the length of retirement. Since 1983, the federal government has been operating under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which leaves much of the responsibility of retirement planning up to the individual.