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Cloud Cover: Protecting Networks With Built-In Cybersecurity

As agencies simultaneously move to cloud solutions and secure their IT assets, they may consider how these two goals can be more effectively achieved in tandem.

You May Be the Weak Link in Federal Cybersecurity

Revelations of phishing attacks that breached Nuclear Regulatory Commission computers showcase the federal government's biggest cybersecurity vulnerability - its own employees.

Ellis Island Public Health Service Physicians

Public Health Data Ambitions Outpace Available Tools

Privacy is acutely important in the discussion on big health data, but another challenge is prior even to confidentiality concerns.

5 Factors That Reduce Cloud Complexity (While Increasing Security)

So your agency has already migrated email and some back office functions to the cloud. Great. But is it ready for the hard stuff?

What's in Store for Obama's New Digital Team?

The new U.S. Digital Service faces some daunting challenges to improving government digital strategy efforts.

Reducing Complexity, Ensuring Security: Toward Better Information Management

Your agency is literally (maybe not literally) drowning in data and it's only going to get worse without serious consideration for its information management strategy.

The IoT will make sensors like this one, designed to monitor for heart failure, the norm

The Internet of Things Reaches Peak Hype

Are federal agencies being realistic about the promise and perils of the Internet of Things?

Agencies' Data Reporting Practices Reduce Accuracy of Official Stats

Not only can the government not play moneyball due to a scarcity of data, but those who try may be misinformed by the data that does exist.

Ebola Tracking and Zombie Stars: 4 Cool Ways Government is Embracing Social Media

Forget the Uncle Sam posters and Smokey the Bear TV spots: today’s federal agencies have long shifted citizen and customer engagement efforts to online social media.

Getting IT Services to Warfighters Faster, Smarter

The military doesn't have time for contract fees, red tape, or bid protests.