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Healthcare Analytics in America

An exploration of the current analytics landscape in American healthcare.

Minding The Gaps: Diagnosing Privileged Access Risks in State & Local Government

Proper management of privileged accounts is critical to mission security. But a growing number of state and local agencies are discovering firsthand the challenges involved are not easy to surmount.

Addressing Security Concerns in a Growing Digital Government

Widespread tech advancements are bringing the conversation around data protection to the front of the room.

Words as the Mightiest Weapon

How powerful text analytics can be an asset for homeland security

Textual Chemistry: Getting to Know Citizens Through Their Words

How applying analytics to unstructured data can help state and local governments better understand (and serve) citizens

Keys to the Kingdom: Managing Privileged Users and Accounts in State & Local Government

Who are privileged users and why is managing them so critical to state and local government? GBC explains in this infographic presentation of a 2016 survey on privileged management.

Flash Poll Series: Data Management

GBC's new flash poll series explores the impact of the data explosion on state and local government.

From Clay to Bricks: Shaping Federal Data into an Asset

In order to engage in informed decision making, federal organizations must critically evaluate their data management and utilization framework in order to effectively leverage information as a key strategic asset.

Flash Poll Series: Data Management

GBC's exclusive flash poll series takes a look at the data explosion's impact on state and local government.

Money on the Mind: Preparing for Federal Retirement

The federal retirement wave is fast approaching — but a March 2016 survey by Government Executive reveals that many employees on the edge of retirement are less financially prepared than they would like to be.