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Amazon’s “City on a Cloud” Challenge Celebrates the Best in Innovation

Creative problem-solving could earn local governments $50,000.

Unify Trends in Call Automation

Improving Department of Defense Incident Response and Public Safety with Next Generation 9-1-1

Leading Brands in Government

The authoritative study on government buyers and their perceptions of top contractors

KPMG Government Intelligent Automation Forum

Government Intelligent Automation Forum

The First 100 Days

GBC surveys federal employees on President Trump's first 100 days in office.

Digital Briefing Center: Intelligent Automation

Welcome to GBC's new Digital Briefing Center, where we'll explore the future of AI-driven government.

Top 5 Reasons NSA's Framework Can Accelerate Your Agency's IoT Security

Combining commercial innovations with government oversight, Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) could dramatically change the federal IoT security landscape.

Modernizing IT for Mission Success: Surveying Priorities and Challenges at the Tactical Edge

The federal government faces a rapidly evolving IT environment. What priorities are federal agencies undertaking and what are the primary challenges they face? How can departments such as DoD tackle these objectives while deploying IT in crisis environments?

To Bind Up the Nation's Wounds: Ongoing Efforts in Veterans Health Care Modernization

Tasked with the enormous responsibility of providing for our nation’s veterans, it is vital that federal health organizations are empowered to ensure consistent quality and access to care.

Top 5 Takeaways: Survey Finds Government's Internet of Things At Risk

Despite mass proliferation of Internet-enabled devices, a 2017 survey of federal employees reveals major challenges for government security of the IoT. Read on to explore our top 5 takeaways, and what this means for the future of IoT.