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Ready, Set...Go? The Emotional Realities of Federal Retirement

For much of the federal workforce, the transition to retirement is becoming an increasingly pressing reality. However, according to Government Executive's March 2016 survey, many federal employees feel less than prepared to handle the emotional challenges of retirement.

Flash Poll Series: Is Your Agency Safe?

Federal leaders weigh in on the state of information security.

Tracking Fraud & Abuse Across the Nation

President Obama’s 2011 Executive Order launched a nationwide effort to curtail waste, fraud, and improper payments across federal, state, and local governments. To better understand how federal, state, and local government leaders assess their organization’s fraud management capabilities, GBC recently deployed a survey to 340 federal leaders.

Solving Problems and Improving Performance through Data Analytics

How federal agencies are using their data to improve decision-making

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Overcoming the Challenges of Moving to Modular Health and Human Services (HHS) Solutions

By stepping away from monolithic solutions, healthcare agencies can make a difference for citizens.

The Inimitable Effect of Standing on Productivity

Sitting for hours at a time is hurting our bodies and our minds. It’s time to take back the workday.

Three Communication Strategies for the Presidential Transition

How career civil servants can prepare their agencies for the changeover eight years in the making

Life After the Big Bang: Exploring Modular, Agile Paths Toward Health and Human Services Modernization

GBC's 2016 study explores the shifting realm of state and local HHS systems modernization through a series of interviews with experts.

How Cloud Will Affect the Future of Policing

What started as a way to manage digital evidence now has powerful long-term possibilities for law enforcement.

The Threat From Within: To Combat Evolving Insider Threats, Government Must Adapt

As troubling as a cyber attack from the outside can be, government agencies are looking to double down on what is potentially an even greater risk to their information and security: the insider threat.