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Top 5 Takeaways: Survey Finds Government's Internet of Things At Risk

Despite mass proliferation of Internet-enabled devices, a 2017 survey of federal employees reveals major challenges for government security of the IoT. Read on to explore our top 5 takeaways, and what this means for the future of IoT.

Digital Briefing Center: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Government Travel

Welcome to GBC's Digital Briefing Center, where we'll walk you through the digital transformation of federal travel.

Forecasting Cloud's Future: Conversations with Government Technology Leaders

GBC interviews federal, state, and local technology leaders on the shifting role of cloud in government.

Veritas - See Your Data Differently: A Data and Records Management Discussion

Veritas - See Your Data Differently: A Data and Records Management Discussion

The Federal Workforce Needs New Skills to Handle Change in Times of Transition

Federal employees and agencies across the entire government can and should consider investing in training programs that convey actionable skills for dealing with change.

Securing the Edge: Surveying Vulnerabilities in the Federal Government's IoT

The White House has pursued aggressive cyber policy in the past year aimed at minimizing network vulnerabilities, but a series of challenges threaten to wind back the clock, placing agency data and their devices in the line of fire.

Mastering The Migration: A Candid Survey of Federal Leaders on the State of Cloud Computing

It's been 6 years since the White House announced its Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, challenging agencies to adopt a "Cloud-First" policy in their IT investments. But did it have the sweeping effect its authors intended? GBC investigates.

GBC Brocade Securing The Edge - Brocade

Technology experts have identified security of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a critical trend to watch in IT management in 2017

Seeing the IT Road Ahead with Riverbed

IT visibility leads to better application performance in federal agencies.

Top 5 Foundations of Federal IT Digitization

Discover the key foundations underlying the ongoing process of federal IT digitization.