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Empowering a Data-Driven Government

Public sector agencies have a pressing need to make more analytic decisions, but face common challenges in becoming truly data-driven.

Mobile Parolee Management Solution Wins in San Diego, Then Goes Viral

DXC Technology's Probation Utility Mobile Application (PUMA) helps officers in San Diego manage their ever-increasing caseloads.

Enabling the Workplace of the Future

The office of the 21st century is vastly different than it was even just 10 years ago. How can you bring your agency's workplace into the modern era?

The Problem with Passwords

How to improve the most common form of authentication

Compliance by the Numbers: Data analytics yields results that add up

As we apply more sophisticated data science and analytics to processes, we are learning that unsubstantiated intuitions can lead us astray and impact desired outcomes.

How Hybrid IT Can Transform Government

Today, it’s not enough to operate in a digital environment. The role of an IT services organization is evolving from “IT shop” to mission partner, aligning technology with agency goals.

Mind the gap! Is Shared Services Both Opportunity and Threat to your Value Chain?

As government moves to shared services models, either from public sector or commercial providers, will security be sufficiently implemented to ensure the protection of systems, processes and data?

Application Transformation: Accelerating the New Face of Government

Legacy IT systems are hindering government agencies’ ability to efficiently respond to citizen needs, regulatory standards and agency goals, and can cost millions to maintain.

Why are new government initiatives so hard to implement?

Can OMB Circular A-123 Drive the Intended Improvement? Lessons from History and Humanoids.

Navy Reduces Data Center Footprint

It's a converged infrastructure approach that's part of a refresh of the Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure