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Migrating a U.S. Army Application to the Cloud

Learn how moving a critical mission support application to the cloud is allowing the U.S. Department of Defense to innovate while balancing cost and performance.

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Increasing military collaboration and productivity

The military can stay efficient and raise productivity by embracing the workplace technology and mobility needs of their staff.

Smooth rollout for Rhode Island’s modernized DMV computer system

This deployment ultimately achieved success through the combination of many factors, perhaps the most essential of which was the adoption of an agile development approach.

System enhancements improve non-violent prisoner rehabilitation

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is working to divert low-risk offenders from prison toward community-based alternatives.

Augmented and virtual realities are the future of medicine

VR and AR technology is not just for entertainment. The potential practical applications for healthcare professionals could transform the industry.

Inside Digital Health Platforms

By taking an approach based on a new reference architecture for a digital health platform, even the most complex and heterogeneous of health IT ecosystems can overcome challenges.

6 Technology trends for 2018: Innovation focused on your digital journey

Organizations can look to these trends as guideposts for innovation and progress along their own digital transformation.

Fighting the opioid crisis with data, analytics and waivers — a coordinated approach

To successfully address the opioid epidemic, organizations need to leverage data.

Defining a data strategy: An essential component of your digital transformation journey

In order to maximize effectiveness and get the most value out of their data, modern offices should treat it as an asset.

New smartphone app lets U.S. Army recruiters go mobile

A new cross-platform app is helping U.S. Army recruiters access candidate records and track communications on-the-go via their smartphones.