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Three Strategies to Accelerate Your Agency's Migration to the Cloud

Federal agencies have tough decisions to make as they move past the low-hanging fruit and start migrating older and more interconnected systems to the cloud.

Why Are Bid Protests Up 83% From 2006 Levels?

Despite a slight decline from FY 2012's 15-year record high, last year’s numbers still beg the question: why have government contract award protests nearly doubled over the past decade?

Knowledge Is Power: Using Video to Close Skill Gaps

As many of the government’s most experienced workers near retirement, the federal government faces looming skills gaps that threaten to affect mission effectiveness. Agencies can look to harness video content management as a means of retaining institutional knowledge and empower employees to share information with and learn from one another.

Making Mobile Manageable: Secure Mobility for the Enterprise

Mobile initiatives including BYOD and telework are changing the federal technology landscape, and as a result IT managers are being asked to support and manage a broader range of devices than ever before. As agencies look to secure their mobile assets, a holistic approach to mobility management may provide greater control and oversight.

Lawmakers and OPM Take Contractor to Task Over Security Clearance Lapses

The White House and Congress don't agree on much. But they both support more stringent oversight of those receiving security clearances -- as well as those who process them.

Anticipating the 2014 Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review

Four years after then Secretary Hillary Clinton initiated the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, the State Department and USAID are working on an improved second edition.

Personnel Visibility Key to Making Smarter Defense Cuts

New reports revealing dramatic growth in size and cost of headquarters support at the military's combatant commands highlight the need for greater transparency into personnel management.

Why the Cyber Security Problem Is Actually a Big Data Problem

The demands of continuous monitoring are leading federal agencies to shift their big data capabilities toward boosting their cyber posture.

Survey Shows Agencies Not Ready for the Internet of Things

The "Internet of Things" promises greater capabilities for federal agencies, but also significant new security vulnerabilities. Data from a new GBC survey suggests federal employees' confidence in their cybersecurity is not matched by preparations.

Smart Command Town Hall Series

Booz Allen Hamilton and GBC partnered to conduct a series of town hall events exploring how defense leaders can rapidly and effectively supply warfighters with interoperable technologies.