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Weathering the Storm: How Cloud Management Can Align Competing Federal C-Suite Priorities

April 26, 2013Underwritten by arrow It has often been agreed that IT procurement projects can be duplicative, costly and slow to complete, but new developments are underway that may fundamentally change how IT is managed. At the center of this conversation is a debate about the role of the chief information officer (CIO). One can be sure that a change in the dynamic of the C-suite would create new questions on the way agencies manage their IT investments, especially cloud computing. As agencies move more of their mission critical workloads to the cloud, the alignment of priorities in the C-suite will make for a much smoother transition.

Live Streaming: Powering Continuous Monitoring Through Big Data

April 5, 2013Underwritten by arrow The White House has mandated continuous monitoring since 2010, but funding shortages have slowed implementation at many agencies. Now that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has agreed to cover the costs, all federal civilian agencies are implementing surveillance programs. Big data, especially when leveraged through data mirroring, has the potential to greatly improve cybersecurity efforts.

Turning Optimism into Reality: How Big Data Is Transforming Government

March 21, 2013Underwritten by arrow The proliferation of Big Data has forced agencies to consider its great potential to revolutionize federal operations. As a result, many agencies are trying to train and/or hire a workforce to leverage Big Data, but in the current budget climate, new hires and investing in training courses is proving to be difficult or impossible.

Streamlining the Process: Improving Defense Acquisitions through Rapid Prototyping

March 5, 2013Underwritten by arrow An efficient and effective defense acquisitions process is vital to the success and safety of the modern warfighter. In order to assess the state of the defense acquisitions process, the Government Business Council undertook a comprehensive research project that surveyed defense managers about the current acquisition process.

How Service Virtualization Can Remove the 4 Biggest Federal IT Roadblocks

March 4, 2013Underwritten by arrow One of the greatest concerns for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in the coming years will be rolling out new applications and service functionality. However, budgetary pressures mean agencies must be concerned with the bottom line more than ever.

The Common Pitfalls of Data Center Consolidation and How to Make It Work For You

February 26, 2013Underwritten by arrow In an effort to reduce energy usage and IT costs, federal leadership has mandated the closing of hundreds, possibly thousands, of data centers across the country. But most agencies are still having trouble realizing cost savings and reduced energy usage.

How the Shared Services Strategy is Bridging the Gap Between Business Managers and IT Shops

January 23, 2013Underwritten by and arrow New technologies and policies are driving a more symbiotic relationship between business and IT managers

Leveraging the Power of High Performance Analytics: Smarter Decisions, Better Outcomes, Faster Than Ever Before

January 22, 2013Underwritten by arrow In response to mounting budget and organizational challenges, senior federal leadership have turned to data analytics to improve mission-effectiveness.

Managing Mobile: How Defense Agencies Can Ensure Security Amid Mobile Expansion

January 22, 2013Underwritten by arrow Defense agencies are undergoing a mobile transformation, but most managers don't expect significant growth due to security concerns.

Making Big Data Work for Government

November 30, 2012Underwritten by arrow The Big Data revolution has come with a lot of promise. But without an army of data scientists and shrinking budgets, can it deliver in government?