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Bridging the Disconnect: The Government-as-Integrator Approach to Streamlining the DOD Acquisition Process

March 7, 2014Underwritten by arrow Shrinking budgets and a quickly evolving threat landscape have prompted senior leaders in the Department of Defense and Congress to push for defense acquisition reform. Though DOD has begun making changes, a fundamental restructuring of how governments works with industry to supply the military may be necessary.

Improving Collaboration through Identity Management

February 11, 2014Underwritten by and arrow Driven by recent events and several White House and Congressional directives, federal agencies are focused on identity management like never before. With all this pressure, agency leaders face a difficult task ensuring secure access to agency resources by the right people, at the right time, and for the right reasons, without restricting the organization’s operational effectiveness.

Managing the Cloud: Aligning Priorities in Federal Agencies

February 4, 2014Underwritten by arrow Federal leaders are being instructed to move operations to the cloud, but some agencies continue to face obstacles to deployment--both within the C-suite and among the management community

3 Ways Virtualization Can Help Agencies Comply With PortfolioStat 2.0

January 27, 2014Underwritten by arrow Virtualization provides opportunities for agencies working to consolidate government’s $80 billion IT portfolio and meet federal mandates.

Tactical Communications (TacCom) & the Future of Mobile

December 20, 2013Underwritten by arrow In response to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Efficiency Review Initiative, the Tactical Communications (TacCom) procurement vehicle was created to streamline the purchasing of all tools and services affiliated with TacCom.

Aligning Mission and Management: A Study on Federal Project Management

December 3, 2013Underwritten by arrow Several months after the government shutdown of 2013, GBC launches a study on federal project management and how federal executives are aligning their missions with federal projects.

Retaining and Developing Tomorrow's Federal Talent

November 13, 2013Underwritten by arrow Retention and development are two important components to keeping any organization staffed with the right talent. Amid ongoing budget deficits, many federal agencies have been struggling in these efforts, resulting in skills gaps in many occupational areas.

Leveraging Analytics to Strengthen National Security

October 30, 2013Underwritten by arrow The recent proliferation of data-producing technologies has generated new challenges for the U.S. national security community. Chief among these are cybersecurity, terrorism financing, insider threat, and border security. In countering these challenges, the difference between catastrophe and security comes down to the ability to effectively analyze data.

7 Myths Challenging Shared Service Adoption

October 17, 2013Underwritten by arrow Though some federal agencies have made progress in shared service adoption and at least nine federal shared service providers (FSSPs) have emerged across various lines of business, widespread concerns over the implications of shared services are slowing further implementation of the 2012 Federal IT Shared Services Strategy. This in-depth study analyzes the myths challenging shared service adoption.

Defending from Within: How Insiders Threaten Data Privacy

October 9, 2013Underwritten by arrow In the age of increased information collection, analysis and storage, nearly all organizations struggle to respond to and prevent ever-increasing security breaches and threats to their data. Personally identifiable information, health and financial data, trade secrets, and national security assets must all be protected, but traditional security measures are not enough. Insider threat is of particular concern.