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Smart Data for Smart Decision-Making

April 11, 2014Underwritten by arrow The federal government has begun realizing the promise of big data to enhance mission-effectiveness, but gaps in capabilities and understanding could hold agencies back from fully leveraging it.

Why Public-Private Partnerships are Essential for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

April 2, 2014Underwritten by arrow Cyber threats to U.S. critical infrastructure continue to grow in number and sophistication. To mitigate these threats, government and industry can work together to develop a healthy information sharing partnership.

Striving for Federated Identity Management in Emergency Management and Healthcare

March 24, 2014Underwritten by and arrow Federal agencies are focused on identity and access management like never before. By linking electronic identities across multiple platforms, agencies can improve collaboration while lowering costs.

Shared Services: Creating Efficiencies for All Parties

March 24, 2014Underwritten by arrow As deadlines approach, agencies must decide whether to become shared service providers or consolidate and use the services of another organization.

The Road Ahead: Three Years After Cloud First

March 24, 2014Underwritten by arrow For a variety of reasons, from budgetary to operational, cloud environments offer significant advantages over legacy systems. Despite these advantages, agencies have been slow in moving to the cloud, and progress has been inconsistent.

How to Identify Your Agency's Dark Data & What to Do About It

March 19, 2014Underwritten by arrow Dark data, information that agencies collect with the intention of using but fail to do so effectively, is a growing concern for federal agencies. Exposing this dark data could be the first step toward generating valuable insights that would enhance decision-making.

How Can Your Agency Handle Massive Amounts of Data Effectively?

March 19, 2014Underwritten by arrow Research agencies are inundated with unprecedented and massive amounts of data, but they do not necessarily have the tools to ensure that this data is fully utilized.

Biggest Shared Service Myths

March 19, 2014Underwritten by arrow Federal agencies are being asked to follow the 2012 Federal IT Shared Services Strategy which requires them to utilize existing systems and services before considering new IT investments. Though fairly new to the U.S. government, shared services are widely used by other public sector governments and industries interested in increasing efficiency. As federal agencies consider migrating their operations to shared services, some myths may inhibit federal agencies from taking the leap. As a result, Accenture partnered with the Government Business Council to debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding shared services.

Cloud in 2014: Cloud's Biggest Year Yet

March 12, 2014Underwritten by arrow Cloud’s growth in the federal government over the last several years has been nothing short of explosive.

Empowering Smart Decision-Making Through Smart Data

March 11, 2014Underwritten by arrow A recent wave of Big Data initiatives has agencies focused on how they can best leverage data to improve performance.