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Big Data for Big Ideas: Empowering Government Research

March 19, 2014Underwritten by arrow Research agencies are inundated with unprecedented and massive amounts of data, but they do not necessarily have the tools to ensure that this data is fully utilized.

Biggest Shared Service Myths

March 19, 2014Underwritten by arrow Federal agencies are being asked to follow the 2012 Federal IT Shared Services Strategy which requires them to utilize existing systems and services before considering new IT investments. Though fairly new to the U.S. government, shared services are widely used by other public sector governments and industries interested in increasing efficiency. As federal agencies consider migrating their operations to shared services, some myths may inhibit federal agencies from taking the leap. As a result, Accenture partnered with the Government Business Council to debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding shared services.

Ensuring Defense Contractor Accountability

March 18, 2014Underwritten by arrow As the Pentagon works to reach its ambitious audit-readiness goals, meet budget reduction requirements, and prepare for an era of leaner military might, few defense agencies can avoid making difficult personnel cuts. To mitigate the consequences of these cuts and ensure they fall fairly on both federal employees and contracted personnel, Department of Defense leaders need to have a more comprehensive view of their resources. Government Business Council (GBC) and Kronos undertook a study to explore the current state of contractor accountability within the DoD and learn how defense agencies can take action to improve it.

Down to Earth: Making Cloud Computing a Reality

March 17, 2014Underwritten by arrow Federal agencies grappling with implementing Cloud First mandates face staffing challenges and lengthy procurement processes, making it difficult to take advantage of cloud technologies. While there are initial challenges, cloud computing holds the potential to play a major role in increasing government efficiency and service delivery. This infographic reveals the major steps to a successful cloud migration, drawing upon original survey research from Accenture and Government Business Council.

Cloud in 2014: Cloud's Biggest Year Yet

March 12, 2014Underwritten by arrow Cloud’s growth in the federal government over the last several years has been nothing short of explosive.

Empowering Smart Decision-Making Through Smart Data

March 11, 2014Underwritten by arrow A recent wave of Big Data initiatives has agencies focused on how they can best leverage data to improve performance.

Bridging the Disconnect: The Government-as-Integrator Approach to Streamlining the DOD Acquisition Process

March 7, 2014Underwritten by arrow Shrinking budgets and a quickly evolving threat landscape have prompted senior leaders in the Department of Defense and Congress to push for defense acquisition reform. Though DOD has begun making changes, a fundamental restructuring of how governments works with industry to supply the military may be necessary.

How to Achieve Mobility on the Modern Battlefield

March 3, 2014Underwritten by arrow As the Department of Defense looks to modernize its information technology, greater mobility and flexibility are a priority.

Improving Collaboration through Identity Management

February 11, 2014Underwritten by and arrow Driven by recent events and several White House and Congressional directives, federal agencies are focused on identity management like never before. With all this pressure, agency leaders face a difficult task ensuring secure access to agency resources by the right people, at the right time, and for the right reasons, without restricting the organization’s operational effectiveness.

Managing the Cloud: Aligning Priorities in Federal Agencies

February 4, 2014Underwritten by arrow Federal leaders are being instructed to move operations to the cloud, but some agencies continue to face obstacles to deployment--both within the C-suite and among the management community