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Approaching DoD Audit Readiness Through Asset Visibility

May 20, 2014Underwritten by arrow To help achieve its ambitious audit readiness goals, the Pentagon can enhance awareness of mission critical assets through M2M.

Improving Mission Effectiveness Through Better Information

May 20, 2014Underwritten by arrow The real-time data and analytics provided by M2M can empower agencies to act quickly and more effectively achieve their missions.

Planning for a Robust Federal Workforce

May 12, 2014Underwritten by arrow Better data on employee competencies can assist federal managers with workforce planning, but few agencies have established formalized processes to link this information with strategic decision-making.

Real-Time Analytics: The Key to Keeping Pace With Big Health Data

May 8, 2014Underwritten by arrow For federal agencies, the move to a next-generation real-time analytics platform could mean the difference between being overwhelmed with health data and being part of the next major medical breakthrough.

Understanding Insider Threats Through Data Loss Prevention

May 7, 2014Underwritten by arrow After 2013 saw incredible growth in the number of insider threats, federal agencies are scrambling to find technological solutions to bolster information security.

Modernizing Defense Financial Management With Real-Time Data

April 28, 2014Underwritten by arrow To address its financial management challenges and achieve audit readiness by 2017, the Pentagon requires technologies capable of processing and analyzing data in real-time.

Enhancing DoD Mission Effectiveness Through Wireless M2M

April 15, 2014Underwritten by arrow As the military rebalances and redeploys to prepare for a new era of defense, collecting information on mission-critical assets is increasingly important.

Enhancing Federal Mission Effectiveness Through Wireless M2M

April 15, 2014Underwritten by arrow Information collection is becoming increasingly important to program management, compliance, and performance monitoring across federal agencies, but federal leaders indicates serious challenges to improving collection.

Improving Information Collection to Enhance Mission Effectiveness

April 15, 2014Underwritten by arrow From military vehicles and weapons systems to federal facilities and utilities, information collection is increasingly essential for federal agencies' missions. To achieve their ambitious goals, ranging from Pentagon audit-readiness to sustainable infrastructure, agencies will need to boost information collection capabilities.

Information Collection: The Key to Better Decision Making

April 14, 2014Underwritten by arrow information on equipment, facilities, utilities, vehicles, and other assets has never been more important for agency mission execution, but it is often difficult to find or hard to reach. To make information collection more efficient and effective, federal agencies can take advantage of existing communication technologies.