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The Need for Self-Service Data Tools, Not Scientists

Data science is one of today’s hottest fields and one that is rife with competition. Projections indicate that employer demand requires that the United States increase the number of graduates with skills handling large amounts of data by as much as 60 percent. The federal government is one of the organizations most in need of data scientists, but hiring freezes, slashed training budgets and a lack of qualified candidates have all hampered the ability to recruit these types of professionals. Faced with such obstacles, agencies have been developing creative solutions to fill the hiring gap.

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The Cloud Roadmap for Agencies: How to move fast (and safe) to capture huge savings

When the Cloud First Strategy was released in 2010, agencies were concerned with adoption and basic capabilities of cloud computing. At the time, there was a great deal of reluctance to move to the cloud due to security concerns and compatibility with legacy IT systems. After almost two years, the federal mindset has shifted from reluctant adopter to enthusiastic learner.

In the Eye of the Storm: Public Sector Leadership in the Logistics of Disaster Relief

By 2014, an average of 375 million people per year will be affected by climate-related disasters. A vast network of NGOs has arisen to provide disaster relief, but it will take the leadership of federal, state, and local agencies to tackle the growing number of disasters at home and abroad.

Reinforcing Data, Not Bunkers: A New Era of Data-Centric COOP Planning

Instead of drills and assigning bunker beds, the new era of COOP planning will be focused on data security, continuous access, and keeping federal employees online.

Inside the DCGS-A: Advancing Real-Time Intelligence

A look at the present and future of the Army's massive, groundbreaking intelligence system.

The Modern Reality of COOP Planning: Reinforcing Data, not Bunkers

Instead of drills and assigning bunker beds, the new era of COOP planning will be focused on data security, continuous access, and keeping federal employees online.

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3 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Agency's IAM System

Though 83 percent of the 24 major federal agencies have IAM systems in place, a March 2013 FISMA report revealed numerous gaps in agency implementation. Here are 3 signs you may need to upgrade your IAM system.

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Infographic: Balancing the Budget

Federal managers joined budget expert and "Fiscal Fitness" author Stan Collender for a Government Executive Town Hall event to discuss the super committee and the stalemate budget climate's effects on federal budgets. This infographic, produced by the Government Business Council, the research arm of Government Executive, features this conversation and recent survey data on government employees' suggestions to streamline processes and reduce waste.

Infographic: Is Cloud the Way to Go?

Federal agencies are transitioning to cloud computing -- outsourcing IT services such as data storage and email to a shared platform accessed remotely through the Internet. The Office of the Federal CIO encourages the switch, but is it a move in the right direction? The Government Business Council examines the lofty promises of cloud for federal agencies.