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The IoT will make sensors like this one, designed to monitor for heart failure, the norm

The Internet of Things Reaches Peak Hype

Are federal agencies being realistic about the promise and perils of the Internet of Things?

Agencies' Data Reporting Practices Reduce Accuracy of Official Stats

Not only can the government not play moneyball due to a scarcity of data, but those who try may be misinformed by the data that does exist.

Ebola Tracking and Zombie Stars: 4 Cool Ways Government is Embracing Social Media

Forget the Uncle Sam posters and Smokey the Bear TV spots: today’s federal agencies have long shifted citizen and customer engagement efforts to online social media.

Getting IT Services to Warfighters Faster, Smarter

The military doesn't have time for contract fees, red tape, or bid protests.

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New Identity Management System Unlikely to Prevent Future Mass Military Shootings

If the goal of the system is to prevent shootings like those at Fort Hood and Washington Navy Yard, the new interface will likely fall short.

Marines Marching during the 2011 New York City Veterans Day Parade

VA Reform Debate Misses Larger Veterans Issue

The recent debate over VA reform only scratches the surface of a much larger veterans issue - the civil-military divide.

Digital Government 2014: The Two-Year Progress Report

Two years after the launch of the Obama Administration's Digital Government Strategy, federal leaders still give their agencies an average C+ on digital services. How can agencies make the grade? Read the full GBC survey and report.

Three Strategies to Accelerate Your Agency's Migration to the Cloud

Federal agencies have tough decisions to make as they move past the low-hanging fruit and start migrating older and more interconnected systems to the cloud.

Why Are Bid Protests Up 83% From 2006 Levels?

Despite a slight decline from FY 2012's 15-year record high, last year’s numbers still beg the question: why have government contract award protests nearly doubled over the past decade?

Knowledge Is Power: Using Video to Close Skill Gaps

As many of the government’s most experienced workers near retirement, the federal government faces looming skills gaps that threaten to affect mission effectiveness. Agencies can look to harness video content management as a means of retaining institutional knowledge and empower employees to share information with and learn from one another.