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iCloud Celeb Photo Leak Highlights Human Factor of Cyber Threat

While improving cloud security continues to be an important theme as the world prepares for the Internet of Things, human factors --not a direct breach of Apple’s systems-- were the likely cause of the leak.

Undersecretary of Defense Frank Kendall speaks with service members at the 2014 Farnborough International Airshow

Going Beyond the Buzzwords Just Might Be Acquisition Reform's Best Hope

The Pentagon’s updated acquisition reform initiative emphasizes technological innovation, but its efforts to improve communication among stakeholders are at least as important.

I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis

America’s Bridges Are at Risk and Here’s Why

Technological and process failures have resulted in preventable tragedy and pose a threat to bridge safety nationwide.

A New Network Acquisition Model for the Federal Government

More than two thirds of federal IT spending goes to legacy system maintenance. How can agencies reduce this cost while meeting demands for more agile operations? The answer may lie in reassessing their network acquisition model.

An auditory research experiment conducted at the Army Research Laboratory

A New Technology "Offset" Strategy for the Pentagon

The Pentagon’s new technology “offset” strategy could be the key to achieving its objectives in an era of constrained budgets, but can the military maintain its tech edge in the 21st century?

What's the One Thing Cyber Hawks and Privacy Advocates Can Agree On?

Exploiting wireless network vulnerabilities for law enforcement purposes is a bad idea.

Bringing Your Agency's IT Out of the Shadows

Four in five federal end users are going outside their IT department for cloud services that can risk their security and skew their budgets. Why are they doing it, and what can your agency do to bring them back from the dark side?

Information Collection Challenges Could Exacerbate Budget Tensions

As the 2016 budget begins to loom, agencies have the opportunity to adopt information collection technologies to make better decisions for their finances and their mission.

Cloud Cover: Protecting Networks With Built-In Cybersecurity

As agencies simultaneously move to cloud solutions and secure their IT assets, they may consider how these two goals can be more effectively achieved in tandem.

You May Be the Weak Link in Federal Cybersecurity

Revelations of phishing attacks that breached Nuclear Regulatory Commission computers showcase the federal government's biggest cybersecurity vulnerability - its own employees.